Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hero's and Comfort Zones

By William Zimmermann

We all have our hero's. Here is mine. Dean Kaman is an inventor of new technologies. He's a rich guy with a heart and a purpose. He did not forget what it is to be human. He tops my list of people to meet. He was recently featured on the Sundance channel's series Iconoclast.

Comfort Zones and Change:
Getting what you want in this world are complicated and sometimes daunting tasks. Setting up a plan to get exactly what you want can be a fascinating and interesting process that becomes more fascinating and over time it can snowball. But it takes guts to make changes from comfort zones. I am in one of those zones, are you? It is so difficult to exit comfort zones I thought it would be a shame not to discuss them in terms of positive change to forward our lives substantially enough to make life so valuable to you that it becomes a spiritual experience beyond words and you become one of those people who make a difference. In future entries I am going on a journey. A journey into new ideas that might just break my CZ dysfunction. Stick around, we're just getting started. Oct 9, 08

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