Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9th - welcome to my blog

Before I begin I want to welcome everyone to this record of events. Some of us write better than we speak and our world is better shared (or best shared) through this wonderful and useful medium. The music you hear is always my very favorite and the photos are random images from my Picasa image bank. I took all the images you see.

Blogging I like to think of as letter writing. It is the format of language I hope to maintain through the months and years of this blog before it vanishes into the ether-wind of the net one day.

Hopefully the significance will not be lost or that those of you who read are not bored or indifferent to the life of someone who you may have not seen for years or decades in some cases. The views and attitudes found within may change and bend with time. I can be very critical, literal and borderline cruel in my views. I do not edit or censor them. However I try to remain civil and maintain an attitude of loving awareness through the threads. Enjoy along with my wish for peace and love in your days always.

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