Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tavis Tier: A Way Of Life As Medicine

Tavis Tier 

Tavis Tier: A Way Of Life As Medicine!

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Tavis is a Natural Medicine Practitioner in Arizona and is one of the most sough after healers for those in the know... And while it is certainly the last refuge of the arrogant the elite are catching on to health as the rest of the country pillages McDonalds and Subway without an end in sight.

In 2008 he was helping a woman named Renee, a member of the Chicago raw food community who is (was?) living with the complications of diabetes.

In this talk, recorded on October 29, 2008 (see link above), Tavis shares his own healing story and describes how he has worked with many people who were given up on by conventional medicine who had lost all hope and how he worked with them to heal and recover fully.

Tavis teaches and practices the therapeautae way of life. He has a Master's Degree through the International Biogenic School of Holistic Medicine, specializing in Dietetics, Natural Medicine and biogenics. Tavis has lived according to the therapeautae way of life and has consumed a 100% live food diet for fifteen years. Tavis offers healing in the form of education on Mind Mastery and the Utilization of food as medicine. Tavis approaches healing on three levels; the Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies.

He believes that equilibrium and harmony must be restored within each of these bodies in order for true health to be a reality. Tavis also offers healing through the art of , also known as the timeless language of touch. Tavis believes that all disease in essence is one and the same, proceeding from a common root and that through harmonious thoughts, feelings and a live food lifestyle, all disease will be put to flight allowing life and wholeness to reside.

Explore how Tavis brings hope in the midst of doubt and peace in the face of fear.

His presence is highly magnetic and deeply connecting.

He walked into href="" and immediately linked emotionally and spiritually with members of the Chicago raw food community who had gathered earlier for an informal dinner before the talk.

Folks feasted on a bountiful buffet of greens, collard wrapped sandwiches, marinated green beans and other vegetables and well-seasoned sprouts. Unfortunately, do not show this buffet, but it was right behind Tavis' shoulder as he was speaking.

Tavis connected so closely with everyone, the group decided to remain in the restaurant rather than go to the adjoining storefront and into the yoga studio.

The slight hum in the background is from the cooling unit for the raw buffet.

Listen and rediscover your natural birthright: a life of vital health and peace of mind!