Sunday, June 28, 2009

Participating in the process

Twitter, Facebook, etc. The increase in the connectivity of large groups of people will be what forms the future. How is marketing theory embracing / using this?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dale Street gardens today June 21st 2009 Video

It is time to get back to the fun of life. Saving the world and understanding how we can change it for the better is all well and good, but balance must win in the end. Here is a video I did today after my dear friend Cheryl Simon arrived. Much of the garden is still germinating so what you see is aging and established, but new stuff is about to shoot up from the dirt.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Turning Yourself ON !!! (oh no he didn't !!!)


Learn to accept whatever decision is made. Do your best to keep your peace of mind. Peace is a healer.
Learn from your mistakes and allow others the same right. Don't stand over people, supervising every move. Learn to give others the opportunity to grow and grow up. We are all bound to make mistakes. Let's not gloat over them or live in remorse about them.
Learn to forgive and get on with your life. Many studies have now shown that forgiving enhances health and helps prevent chemical changes in the body that may lead to disease.
Be thankful and bless people. These are two of the main secrets to a health life. Have an attitude of gratitude.
Live in harmony. Be a peacemaker. Stand up for the one not present. Listen for the one not there to hear, see for the one without sight, and give praise and credit to others whenever you are able.
Don't talk about your misfortunes or illnesses. It doesn't do any good for you or the person you tell, and it presents an opportunity for them to do the same to you. Save it for your doctor. He's paid to listen to your troubles.
Don't gossip. Gossip that comes through the grapevine is usually sour grapes. Be the person who speaks for the one who cannot.
Spend at least 10 minutes a day meditating on how you can become a better person. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
Exercise daily. Keep your spine and joints limber, develop your abdominal muscles, expand your lungs with specific exercises on a regular schedule.
Walk 10 minutes barefoot in the dewy grass or sand every day. You'll sleep better.
No smoking or drinking alcohol. Both nicotine and alcohol are depressant drugs. Both require energy to detoxify, energy which is better used for life healing processes.
Go to bed by 9 P.M. when you can. If you are tired during the day, rest more. Rest allows the body to give its full attention and energy to healing and rebuilding tissues. Write down your problems at the end of the day and go over them first thing in the morning when you are refreshed, so you can look at them with a fresh mind and body.


This post is a entry "of contrary." For those of us who work hard must play hard to balance our souls and keep in tune with happiness, enjoyment of life friends and activities. Tuning off the world, people and optional obligations is a right each and every person on this planet has. As we move into new centuries and new cultural nuances as well as radical shifts in culture we must stay in touch with our humanity. The body of humans has not changed at all in thousands of years. Our organs, brain and such have remained the same though now we expose them to all kinds of alien and chemical stresses. So take it easy and work a plan that does not ruin your days.

Questions from a novice ecoist... Re: Plastic

Greetings from San Diego,

I am becoming a novice ecologist. I recycle more than most, drive the Prius car and I am more careful about what I put into the environment in terms of fertilizers, household chemicals and other consumer goods including food. I also compost about 15% of my total household kitchen waste.

I share these facts with you because I am puzzled about plastic. After all paper, glass and some plastics are placed in the recycle bin what appears to go into the trash can (to the land fill) are light weight plastics non recyclable containers made from a combination of paper and plastic and Styrofoam. It appears to be that plastics are a big problem!

In every day terms I was completely unaware of how to keep packaging plastics and mixed plastic-paper containers in the recycling circle of re-use. Some must be disposed of but I am finding a disturbing shortage of information on what the city will take for recycling and what must be transported to specialty recycling plants?

It is not beyond the scope of people to band together to recycle over 90% of all waste.

My greatest concern is the braising ignorance that I personally maintained up until 2009 and how much I still do not know. I am not so much "disturbed" by my own ignorance of what to do with plastics but rather why those who do not care what they do with all of their waste still throw everything in the trash to go to the land fill?

I recently leaned that there is a river of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. As this decomposes it will be consumed by sea creatures greatly impacting the health and reproductive ability of many ocean species. From what I have read these plastics combined with an array of other pollutants, but primarily the plastics could damage the oceans ecosystem permanently much like deforestation is destroying the rain Forrest.

Can you please comment on this and let me know what organizations are working most effectively on research and solutions with regard to this problem in its many aspects?

An additional question I have is why can we not produce all plastics to be bio-degradable and zero-impact? If GM was capable of planning the obsolescence of cars why can we not plan the decay rate of plastic - and make doing so Federal Law?

Thank you.

Bill Zimmermann, San Diego

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Open Letter to Congressman Wexler

What about prosecuting Bush and Cheney for lying about 911? Anybody with a brain now (by now) understands that 911 was an inside job, a contrived Pearl Harbor and that the Bush Administration orchestrated. It is not enough to "slap wrists" with impeachment. These men need to go to trial before an international tribunal (or equivalent) along with their corporate backers and political cronies. Fixing the United States and the future of mankind requires more aggressive adherence to ethics and standards than ever before. These men should be in prison along with Madoff and half of Wall Street.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Absorbing the news - releasing the stress

I have learned a lot about our world today. The last few posts are movies that can really set your head back into a time of deep mental depression if you are not careful. The truth certainly annihilated any age of innocence that still existed in my head. But now we turn to brighter thoughts and ideas for the creation of an excellent life experience despite what may happen in the world. In the Seth books Jane Roberts writes that we "create our own reality." Simple words for an industrial concept. It does not seem to matter how many times I read The Nature of Personal Reality the degree to which I have implemented the lessons in the book is close to zero so I should not be surprised that they do not work. As I have grown older I have exchanged raised consciousness for in-the-moment living and a good dose of numbness. I grow tired of the day to day insanity and this frightfully scary world where things keep getting scarier. I really do not want to live in the "America's" any more but the U.S. is still the best place on earth (of the few where citizenship is possible) TO live. Right now I am thinking Hawaii. I just want out. I am not sure if Hawaii is the answer, but to be clear I know it is not, I repeat NOT too small for me to live my life well stimulated and in productive good form. At 53 I do not know if I can start over again. But if I am going to start over it should be soon. Perhaps all this is nonsense and all I need is a good new chair. I sit a lot and I simply love a good orthopedic chair.

I am sure anyone who reads this thinks I am quite a bit more nuts that they thought, but in my defense I have to say the last few videos in this blog were shocking to the degree of mental upset. I can't even think about it any more. It is making me nuts. "This" is how I get when I am scared.

Forgive me all.

On the lighter side. Bill Hicks - comedy

On the lighter side... check out Bill Hicks comedy here

An absolute must see movie. ZEITGEIST, The Movie Remastered / Final version

This is probably the single most important documentary that has ever confronted the consciousness of the American people if not the people of the world. Watch it in its entirety and learn who we were, who we are and what might be. I am not saying it is all true, but of the many facts presented some appear to have credence. About 2 hours long. Use "full screen" button for best viewing.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement?
The Zeitgeist Movement is a grass roots campaign to unify the world through a common ideology based on the fundamentals of life and nature. This movement ignores politics, religion and the like, and instead attempts to communicate how all humans are the same at the fundamental level and how it is time we start to work together on a global scale to end the seemingly perpetual conflict and suffering in our current world society.

Now the addendum:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How similar we are...

While going through my photo album from Aix en Provence I came across a photo that I took from the home I stayed at for the month of July 2006 located in La Ciotat France - the home exchange family. The photo is of their back yard behind the shed just like at my home. Then I looked more closely, virtually everything you see stored here out of doors is exactly the same stuff I have stored behind my home.

What a joy it is to know people can be so similar so far apart. Perhaps our mutual bold stroke to join was kismet or providence moved to create magic?

Scribbles and thoughts of drugs and genuine progress...

It is a strange time when depression leaves very little energy for much of anything. When depression speaks it says "There are few real people in this world who understand or wish to understand me. I am alone in my heart and in my mind. I am happiest there with people shut out the quiet preferred over the chatter of people scrambling for words that say something to validate their meaningless existence." This is how great and powerful the disease behind the curtain can be. But in truth, like OZ it is just a little man no different than anybody. So depression is and so it should be treated.

Understanding creation is a big job. Having been blessed with a mind that enjoys ignorance while at the same time works toward more noble pursuits of truth and cosmic reality is clearly unnatural. But I have been dealing with these contrasts since I was 17. Transcendental Meditation, the study of the Seth Material and other spiritual books have brought me to a place where I see enough growth to know how very little I have actually grown. Now I have discovered acupuncture meridians and working with feelings via ETF or "Tapping" / Releasing negative emotions forever, a very big claim that is likely too good to be true is my current focus on growth, release of potential addictions and ill feelings allusions and behaviors. But something has to replace big pharma. For they will take your life as quickly as the drug dealer on the corner. Let us not deceive ourselves.

We have an anxiety disorder in this family. It is genetic. It leads to substance abuse in most of us. Some hang on. I did for 25 years. Essentially sober from 27 to 51 years old. I have recently experimented with Xanax to relieve anxiety and emotional pain. It works well but it makes me clumsy and a bit lazy in that I am so relaxed I do not force activity and growth in favor of the relaxed bliss of the enjoyable days without painful worry, real and imaginary threats and emotions.

I know I am just masking the symptoms best dealt with cognitively while not directly confronting them. I have been ensnared in a mentality that pills bring permanent relief when I know full well that strength through awareness is the key. Our prescription drug culture is so very effective and yet falls short of any legitimate healing. So we must summon the strength from within, charge the gates and force our growth, painful though it may be in sobriety. Certainly there will be moments when we make exceptions out of compassion for our selves, but where do we firmly draw that line?

To remain anxiety riddled through very bad times like during a break up or after a death of a friend is foolish. Not to medicate can, at times be as foolish as taking Xanax because you are painfully stricken with boredom.

In there lies the challenge. “Love yourself” they say. Why asks depression: "Why should I love myself when I disapprove of my own behavior? Love is earned at any level. I just walk around in this body numb and feeling like a victim, disenfranchised most the time. Depression I suppose, I am used to it. I do not expect anyone to love me though I am glad when they do but I do not invest in myself or commit to people much anymore. Again depression I suppose. I have never been able to get a quality man to love me “enough” to be comfortable in a relationship. So why should I respect myself more than is necessary to provide the survival comforts and basic needs for myself from now until I pass on. Certainly self-respect is based upon track record. Certainly I must care a sufficient amount not to damage myself. Certainly I must love myself enough not to damage my psyche. But self respect comes from a lifetime of tests and lessons that can be best described as Buddhist Koans found in Zen poems and literature. I respect my thoughts and morals enough. I don’t plot to hurt steal or swindle anybody really. I would not be able to take the guilt if I did. I know that others do not feel the same. I feel good when I help others and I am still learning about what it means to give and to take. But I do not appear to have the ambition or drive to add to my world in remarkable new and interesting ways. Or do I? Inspiration and muse is a luxury for the rich, the indomitably happy and the undamaged zeal of youth. For old gays in their fifties with little money and fading sex appeal we are left to, at best, our imagination and at worst the genetic betrayal that is out legacy." As this diatribe of mind-talk takes possession of your soul it makes a good argument that is as counterproductive as suicide. Depression, like any self deceptive concoction of ideas scrambles to make sense while it takes your time and your life.

Regardless of how depressed, morbid or locked away in emotional storage we become; regardless of the circumstances, habits, morals and internal drive we might have we have got to maintain a high standard of living. No mansion or sports car, can satisfy us like positive thinking, clean good thoughts backed up by sobriety and clean living. A solid understanding of human behavior and self awareness is also useful. This understanding comes about in small epiphanies. They occur often when we vanquish the problems of daily life through the spiritual exercises provided by our dear friend reality. These lessons can not deliver their full effect when we are drugged with psycho-active agents. They do not improve your nervous system brain function or spiritual lives. They do not improve our understanding or enhance general consciousness. Drugs and tranquilizers do not add meaning they prevent feeling. Using them to block trauma temporarily is a difficult decision while we balance growth with psychological protection. Until we can deal with reality and adapt to the unexpected in daily life without drugs we hamper our growth. Hence our energy should be directed at diet and exercise as well as meditation massage, study and a strong effort to remain focused on deliberate diligent work. Drugs slow progress even when they are not abused. Even when they are used judiciously they can curb or abbreviate our life experience. This is particularly evident in the use of opiates and Marijuana. I suppose the bottom line question is: Do you want to rust out or do you want to wear out? The answer to which has many probable futures attached. I suppose that is my first original Koan.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To the faithful...

I think I finally figured out why I never use credit cards. I have about the best credit there is out there. I see friends using credit well beyond their means with no guilt or worry. Why is this? I think it is because they have made plans for new products, alternative businesses and new ventures. They pamper and take care of themselves with credit and then allow the universe to cover them. It appears to work but I think it is still wise to be frugal especially when you do not have plans for alternative business or projects that may be profitable in the immediate or distant future. Credit is credit and if you don't have money one should not be spending money. Even if you do have money spending it flagrantly is a mistake.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If they lied to me about Aspertame ... what about the other stuff?

Artificial sweeteners and the FDA. Politics, evil and organized business. And of course Monsanto. Once a regulatory agency is formed they are born captured.
VIDEO Donald Rumsfeld and Monsanto can kiss my ass. The only low calorie sweetener anyone should use is Stevia. Period.

Monday, June 1, 2009