Monday, May 26, 2014

The other 50% of healing

When confronted with cancer our journey takes us into very dark places not only within the medical establishment but within our days, our dreams and into fear the likes of which we may never have confronted before. Much like letting go of people after they pass we must in the exact same manner let go of cancer. We acknowledge it confront it and then with the help of stillness meditation and yoga we let it go. We let it go sooner rather than later because it is fundamental to the internal homeostasis, balance of cancer cells to normal cells and the return to health by way of and understanding of the other half of what it is to cure cancer and degenerative diseases.

To create ourselves in the moment we must take responsibility for proper vision within the moment. To dissolve the tumor is to envision it gone in the moment, being well, being whole and having healed takes place in the NOW not in the past. Right now. This is fundamental because it is how we create our current reality and our health. It is the "Chi Lel" or what is more easily remembered us medical tai chi but brings us closer and closer to healing. Compound that with formal yoga practice and we become a formidable force against all degenerative diseases especially cancer. Instead of racing for the cure we stop in stillness for the cure. No metaphor and no simile could be more exacting or more succinct.

The yoga of cancer demands we move into the present and remain there rejecting all duality all ego all materialism all western culture along with all of its borderlines boundaries and conflict. All these emotions, right wrong good bad all the extremes are the body's response to a toxic world and is directly associated with the creation and growth of cancers as well as many other degenerative diseases.

We must let them go and create the absence of disease in the present moment. As we cleanse with juices healthy meals and coffee enemas we find ourselves moving into the moment and the stillness especially during the time of a retention enema, we are isolated and forced into the moment. Reflection in this moment is the beginning of the yoga of cancer within the process of the Gerson therapy. In this process we are given the opportunity to see ourselves and watch from a vantage point outside of ourselves a place perhaps we have never seen before. We literally go outside of ourselves and look within perhaps for the very first time. This is the beginning of the spiritual side of healing and is half the battle when we practice successful healing within the Garson therapy. It is where the other half of healing comes from it is that which food enemas and juicing cannot heal. This is the yoga aspect of Gerson. It's the other 50%.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Regarding the difference between masking symptoms and genuine health

It's amazing. I have always done MMS in very limited doses. After my 18 months of Gerson starting in 09 I never got sick until this year when I got a bad cold with aches and pains and all that. I took MMS throughout the cold 4 drops / 5 activation drops (old school MMS) and I got better in a couple days. No telling if I would have otherwise so I'll never know.

So now I am looking for an MMS protocol for healthy people. One that will slowly rid the body of parasites, clean up systems and work toward an authentic health experience. I have come to realize that people tend to accept ill health as part of the aging process or blame it on their genetics when nothing could be further from the truth. Quite often people get trapped in the health degenerating western symptom-relief cycle which drags people into physical and emotional despair. An example of this might be antidepressants like Prozac that make you feel "better" but that also calcify the pineal gland, turn off the whole-body network via the preponderance of fluoride in Prozac.

Health is not created by masking symptoms. Western medicine attempts this, and has no conscience about funneling people into this paradigm of symptom masking "health care." The result is pain anguish and despair and ultimately an untimely death.

It is very hard to convince a society who will take a pill that has a list of warnings about side effects as long as your arm to juice seven types of vegetables nine times a day and to take coffee enemas, as with the Gerson Therapy. No, they won't do it. They are cozy with their pills. Even if they are aware of the efficacy of natural cures they don't get the jump from masking symptoms and allowing for genuine health. Therefore creating that reality for themselves with ultimately is their choice.

So you work with the people you can, touch those who care and move to make a difference among those who get it.

What you have to do is make it easy for them.  Starting people on MMS three times a day at a low dose (3 drops / 15 drops) begins the process of reversing cell damage.  Putting them on the Gerson potassium and eliminating salt is also a good idea but hardly necessary except for eliminating salt which I personally believe is important.  Others differ.

Helping others to begin taking responsibility for their health is a tricky road to hoe when you realize they themselves are their own worst enemy, but the roots of their behavior are found in marketing and social programming from television, and a culture that is most certainly not their friend.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guillain Barr Syndrom fund raiser for my Cousin Blake Snow

Hey everybody!  Please take a look at this fund raiser.  No expectations, but if it speaks to you please consider giving.  This is the only family I have left and one is down for the count and his world is crushing to his wife and kids.  He needs this cash to help in recovery.  It's not really optional... he has few choices.

Let me tell you a little about Blake.  He was employed full time.  His income was necessary to the household.  Stacy, Blake's wife works but a single income household is not enough.  She will need day care and nursing assistance for Blake, and a lot more... So consider giving generously if you have a the means.  If not we are totally grateful for the good thoughts you might put out there for Blake Snow.  Fond regards... Bill