Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guillain Barr Syndrom fund raiser for my Cousin Blake Snow

Hey everybody!  Please take a look at this fund raiser.  No expectations, but if it speaks to you please consider giving.  This is the only family I have left and one is down for the count and his world is crushing to his wife and kids.  He needs this cash to help in recovery.  It's not really optional... he has few choices.

Let me tell you a little about Blake.  He was employed full time.  His income was necessary to the household.  Stacy, Blake's wife works but a single income household is not enough.  She will need day care and nursing assistance for Blake, and a lot more... So consider giving generously if you have a the means.  If not we are totally grateful for the good thoughts you might put out there for Blake Snow.  Fond regards... Bill

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