Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cancer Politics Hits the Gerson Community

As if it were not hard enough for cancer patients to find excellent treatment. Enter the Gerson Wars. The famed Gerson Institute known for the work of Dr. Max Gerson who died in 1959 ostensibly from poisoning by the competition has issues of its own. Maintaining control of its licensing has been a creeping problem for the Institute for many years. Much controversy surrounds the international rights of the Gerson name in association with the famous therapy it represents. Should clinics all over the world who strictly adhere to the therapy have the right to use Dr. Gerson's name? It really is not a matter of opinion. In some countries it is perfectly legal and in others it is not. At the time of this article our research is inconclusive whether or not it is legal in Mexico. Dr. Patrick Vickers has opened a clinic in Rosarito Mexico and claims that it is perfectly legal in Mexico to name his clinic Northern Baja Gerson Center.

Recently in a Gerson Facebook group this problem issue flared up for this writer when he joined the group and began discussing the Advanced Therapies available at Northern Baja Gerson Center. He was immediately censored by the moderator Kathleen who instantly jumped on the issue and requested silence concerning the person Patrick Vickers and his clinic.

What I gathered from this ambush was that Kathleen is either an employee of the Gerson Institute which grants licenses to two or three Gerson clinics internationally. It is unknown if international law protects the use of a name such as Gerson from copyright or use for a clinic practicing the actual therapy.

This writer quit the group with a final last word to the moderator about censorship, freedom of speech and the trappings of opinion to start a new Gerson discussion group open to all ideas as long as they are positive and productive.

Frankly I am sick and tired of politics, thinly veiled greed issues of money and control. It is the opinion of EcoHealthLab that Cancer is too dangerous to limit the work of Dr. Gerson to two or three "licensed" clinics when there are so many talented people who are well qualified and ready to get patients trained and started on the Gerson Therapy.

The question is how on earth can two licensed clinics take care of a world filled with cancer? It is impossible. Maintaining copyright to their materials and the Gerson name may sound good and right but in times of drastic emergency something has to give. The only question we have is "What would Dr. Gerson do? How would he react to the wide spread of his therapy?" Would Dr. Gerson place a strangle-hold on the therapy? Is it morally right to "patent" a therapy that is based in a simple system of eating and cleansing?

The answer to these questions are complicated and nobody has come forward to provide complete answers. In the mean time there are people dying while small people bitterly fight over exactly the same oppressive issues of money control and greed that got the Gerson Therapy banned in the United States in the first place. Like Israel some people never learn from their past. As Israel pummels and tortures and kills Palestinians they do so with no memory of what Germany did to them. This is human nature. But it is a neotany, a childish driven need to own possess and control in a juvenile court of small minds and big egos. An immaturity and temptation that most humans never escape.

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