Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A response to a critical but reasonable (expected) post to a ChrisBeatCancer interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers.

A response to a critical but reasonable (expected) post to a ChrisBeatCancer interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers.

David Said: "Chris I am disappointed in the way you would promote someone like him. He is obnoxious and keeps fighting to with the authentic Gerson Institute and Charlotte. He can open a clinic but stop using the name Gerson for self promotion when he is clearly NOT sticking to Max Gersons protocol."

To which I replied:

Hi David. I understand your concern, but when you really think about it someone had to integrate medicine with the Gerson Therapy eventually. After completing 18 months of the Gerson Therapy the one thing I hoped for more than anything was the integration of advanced therapies with Gerson. When I saw these videos I was intrigued. I called Dr. Vickers and spoke with him. Then we visited his clinic and got to know him better. Since then I have seen first hand how he runs the Gerson program on top of which he has added therapies that Dr. Gerson was investigating that now have proven efficacy, like Coley's Therapy and Dendritic Cell Therapy, Hypothermia and more. Dr. Vickers was trained by Charlotte Gerson but she was unflinching in her insistence (for whatever reason) not to advance her Fathers therapy as he left it in 1959. Patrick simply moved the technology into the 21st century. He did it for many reasons but the most important reason is because cancers like Breast cancer are more resistant to the Gerson Therapy. Cancers are getting more aggressive, immune systems are having a harder time recovering. The therapy had to move forward, and that, my friend is exactly what Dr. Vickers is doing.

And finally in terms of the quality of the therapy as practiced at Northern Baja Gerson Center, Dr. Vickers sends staff to San Diego's Whole Foods to buy the juice vegetables every week. He spares no expense when it comes to quality of care. He employs physicians who had been frustrated at other Gerson Clinics and now are able to practice at the leading edge of the holistic technology as Dr. Gerson might have wished. After visiting the N.B.G.C. and meeting the staff, eating the food and meeting the patients I can tell you they are doing Gerson right and are advancing cancer medicine which is nothing short of a miracle.

When I did the Gerson Therapy. Much of my YouTube channel contains educational videos that help people understand what the Advanced therapies are and why they work so well to enhance Dr. Gerson's therapy. I can safely say that what Dr. Vickers is doing makes sense and is already being duplicated elsewhere. It's not pseudo-science, it is compatible with the Gerson Therapy and best of all it gives terminal cancer patients a better chance to heal. What could be better news than that? It is not an empty promise or watered down science because an institute (focused on selling information) has refused to acknowledge the power of Advanced Protocols that turbo-charge Dr. Gerson's great work simply because (in my opinion) they would have to update all their trainings, manuals, books and information packages.

To sum up what Dr. Vickers is doing you must understand he is enhancing the Gerson Therapy. He has not changed it. The patients get the exact Gerson Therapy as prescribed by Dr. Gerson without changes.

Personally I applaud Chris Wark and Dr. Vickers for being so bold as to face criticism like this but I believe that if you begin to see what is really going on you will start to understand that medicine can and will move forward. Thanks for your comment David. It's great because it gives the opportunity for further dialogue and discourse. Peace.

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