Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The big secret nobody wants to tell | Bruce Muzik | TEDxSinCity

Check out this video on YouTube:

Bruce Muzik presents a riveting talk about the devastating impact that withholding secrets can have on our lives and what to do about it.

Bruce Muzik is a world class trainer and speaker. He is known as the "white man that lived for 6 months in a black ghetto" in post-apartheid South Africa.

His passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.

Find out more about Bruce at http://www.brucemuzik.com

Monday, March 30, 2015

A video from the creative files of ZIMMERMANIA HEALTH

Art Piece created to showcase artist Bill Zimmermann's work to the beat of the Pet Shop Boys, Kings Cross.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thought for this day

"You can either persist in averting your gaze from the egregious impunity enjoyed by a culture of lies greed and genocide or you can become seized by the exalted standards to which you continually hold everyone else."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Film Review "The Imitation Game." A healthy commentary.

The Imitation Game - 2014 - based on a true story.

By Bill Zimmermann

I just finished watching the movie The Imitation Game for the second time tonight. Twice I've seen this film and I still can not wrap my head around it. The importance, the meaning and the magnitude of the gifts Alan Turing gave to a world in the 1940's is simply mind boggling. His sacrifice was rewarded by the British government when they finally drove him to the point of taking his own life on the seventh day of December 1954. In 2013 Queen Elizabeth II posthumously "pardoned" Alan Turing fifty years after his death.  The facts of his work were declassified.  My question is how can you pardon someone who did absolutely nothing wrong?  In my informed opinion the Queen and the British Parliament should have formally apologized to the LGBT community and then given there full support to LGBT interests in the form of a well funded foundation, an educational endowment, grants and programs for gifted LGBT people proportional to his contribution to humanity.  The idea that one would even consider a "pardon" for what must still be considered a crime is the height of insanity.  It sends the message that being different is still wrong.  A "pardon" is not only inappropriate, it is a direct insult to the sensibilities of an exponentially growing world population rapidly moving into an age of equality peace and genuine enlightenment.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Good advice on dealing with anxiety-the narcissist

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety the Narcissist

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with a narcissist in your life, even if that narcissist is anxiety. Here are a few:
  • Know what you’re dealing with: Just as there are different types of narcissists, there are different types of anxiety disorders. There are anxiety treatments that work for all anxiety in general, and there are other treatments that are specific to certain types of anxiety. Knowing about your own specific anxiety/anxieties can help you target it.
  • Make your life about younot the anxiety: Self-centered and commanding as it is, anxiety wants to be the focus of your world. Rather than letting it do so, turn your attention away from it. Begin to define what you want your life to be like (not simply “no anxiety” but instead what specific, positive things do you want in it). Determine what little steps you can take every day to walk away from anxiety and toward your real life.
  • Be realistic in expectations of timing: As a narcissist, anxiety won’t give up easily. It can have a strong hold and it loves it’s power. That said, anxiety isn’t you; it isn’t who you are. It is a controlling parasite that has latched on. When you continue to seek help for anxiety and build your toolbox of strategies to beat it, you will shake it loose.