Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The awesomeness of the moment

By William Zimmermann

I stop to think about things sometimes.  Allowing the moment to engulf me the motion of thought waves through my mind and the effects upon reality are so beautiful as I look deeply into the moment.  The value of life and being an advanced form of biology, being human, is such a privilege.  It is a sweet ride and life remains beautiful when I keep my thoughts beautiful.  Finding the time for your own solace and (self respect time) and adding fun in the all forms of modern entertainment you can afford is the goal.  To move about the world on two legs with money and gasoline.  To be free in this lovely robotic phenomenally agile, able body to move and cast dreams and fly your life every moment of every minute of every day.

Impossible to appreciate always we visit this moment to pay homage and give thanks for the life inside us and the clear awesomeness of being a spirit human, a being who cannot be suppressed.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Releasing the darkness in dreams

I ask God to take my sorrow of my dreams into the forgiving heart of Mary as a metaphore for the purest place on earth where innocence heals the pain of the dejected, exhausted and lost souls who by their own hand have helped fate corner them into sad and lonely places where lessons are rough and emotions of fear control them.  I think the idea of evil began here and is released by the forgiveness of God and those who believe in the release of guilt shame and blame into a higher good that transcends all illness mental pain physical and emotional suffering.

For those in my dream tonight I pray you are delivered to a place of peace and tranquility by the cool waters of healing and joy and the good habits and feelings that accompany it in an atmosphere of spirit kindness and relief from suffering.  Amen.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking for the real thing

When you can train to do just about anything and school will be paid for then there is an open book before you with blank pages to be written. It is an opportunity for change and when your friends find out and just lay there like a bunch of dumb stumps it is time to find new friends. I want actively involved smart people around me. More than ever do I want this. It is no wonder that secret societies and clubs form within society. There is simply no room for mistakes when it comes to who you associate with because it is often their inspiration and guidance that gets us through life especially if we come from families that are either useless or apathetic or worse.

I can't tell you the number of times my friends have helped me. But now it is time to get smart! It is time to think about perhaps that friends are not the people I should rely upon for inspiration or guidance when it comes to important issues like career or investing. It is time to call in the big guns, the professionals the guidance that I require and need to survive if not succeed. All I have to do is continue to inquire and talk to different schools and different people about interior design, computers, culinary arts, architectural work... etc. What I can not do at my age and what I can or most importantly should be doing at this age is the most important thing.