Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The awesomeness of the moment

By William Zimmermann

I stop to think about things sometimes.  Allowing the moment to engulf me the motion of thought waves through my mind and the effects upon reality are so beautiful as I look deeply into the moment.  The value of life and being an advanced form of biology, being human, is such a privilege.  It is a sweet ride and life remains beautiful when I keep my thoughts beautiful.  Finding the time for your own solace and (self respect time) and adding fun in the all forms of modern entertainment you can afford is the goal.  To move about the world on two legs with money and gasoline.  To be free in this lovely robotic phenomenally agile, able body to move and cast dreams and fly your life every moment of every minute of every day.

Impossible to appreciate always we visit this moment to pay homage and give thanks for the life inside us and the clear awesomeness of being a spirit human, a being who cannot be suppressed.

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