Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mixing Grass With Meditation. A No Win Deal

The peace of mind from natural and pharmaceutical drugs combined with conscious efforts in meditation and yoga are an impossible combination.  One counters the other.  One bends the mind out of shape or shuts the brain down and the other wakes the brain up.  To explore meditations that accelerate the attraction of prosperity, motivation and security simply can not progress when recreational drugs and alcohol are involved.

THC found in marijuana appears to have effects of altering consciousness temporarily.  However the high is false, and imitation or facsimile of raised consciousness.  It impersonates enlightenment and dumbs down the entire being... the after effects can be dangerous.  Poor reflexes, forgetfulness and lack of motivation are clear symptoms.  Compromised coping mechanisms lead to uncaring attitudes other people afterwords the high and a lazy carelessness come into the picture as well.  All in all we might be a little happier when We are high but the benefit are temporary at best.

Now, LSD, iowaska and some hallucinogenic mushrooms under the guidance of a spiritual teacher or in a spiritual setting can enlighten and free the mind.  But gross substances like marihuana alcohol and their counterparts unless used for genuine pain relief as in the case of marijuana they are not for the spiritually minded no matter how many excuses we make for them...

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