Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waking to contradictions in life

Waking up to contradictions I never saw before.  Good will and political will are often quite different. Conditioning and abstract thought collide into a kaleidoscope of interpersonal crap.  It is always the same in our culture.  When making an important decision the path of least resistance or the easy way is usually what people will choose when stressed by who ever annoys them the most with regard to a particular issue.

The squeaky wheel technique of getting what you want or what I call “annoying personal politics” often works, but the test of leadership is found in the personal ability to resist any level of annoying hen pecking to in favor of the closest approximation to the truth they are capable of reaching.  Assuming that the truth is never fully attainable, whose truth or what point of view do you take when deciding the fate of others?  Bias traverses a linear scale of personal opinion that might conform to universal law or not depending on the wisdom of the person making the decision.

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