Saturday, June 17, 2017




Before you read this it is important to know that you can get most of the benefits of the WHM without the exercises and cold showers. You get most of the benefits from doing only the breath work, which is easy. Even a person in the hospital can do it. Start gently and progress at your own rate.

NEW! This link takes you to the Q&A section of the Wim Hof Website where Wim himself takes the time to answer some basic questions often asked by practitioners. 

Step by step instruction for the Wim Hof Method - breathing exercise. or "breath work"

1) Get comfortable
Sit in a meditation posture, whatever is most comfortable for you. Make sure you can expand your lungs freely without feeling any constriction. It is recommended to do this practice right after waking up since your stomach is still empty or before a meal.  Click MORE to continue:

Friday, June 16, 2017

Silent Partner. "Message" From Your Best Friend

Silent Partner Messages From Your Best Friend (Editors Version)

By William Zimmermann

A good friend is a person who you trust and who you know as well as you could ever possibly know anyone. They are kind and give support in times of need. A friend champions on behalf of your best interests and always puts your interests first. But here we are talking about your silent partner and your very best friend. He can not speak and has no voice. You might think I am writing about your dog your cat or your fish. Not so! The friend I am talking about is the one with whom you entered this world. The one who carried you through grammar school, high school and college, the friend who was there for your first kiss and who was there on your wedding night. A friend you can truly call your own and who will never leave you. This friend, this buddy and forever companion was bought and paid for the day you were born and will carry you until the day you die…

Friday, June 9, 2017

Alcohol, Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences

Update 6/24/17. This young lady wrote a similar article I thought I would share a link to it. If you have ever been a victim of alcohol, its treachery and its world wide corrupting influences you may want to listen to the podcast below or watch the hand selected videos I've gathered up from high quality sources on the internet. Educating yourself about the effects of alcohol on people around you will provide perspective on why and how it works, why they change and what is so alarming about the grip it has on them.

To maintain personal power it is essential that we avoid alcohol. Unlike the often crude but somewhat efficacious tobacco and some (but not all) plant hallucinogens such as marijuana alcohol has no medicinal value whatsoever. Check out the following fun informal podcast to tune in about alcohol and its dangers and influences in your world.

Introduction by William Zimmermann.

These two parts were created to support those who are looking to understand alcohol and how it intrudes into our lives and destroys lives more than any other substance.  I've been wanting to share for a very long time. They're only available here on this blog. 

Informal Podcast: Alcohol, Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences Part I
Informal Podcast: Alcohol. Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences Part II

The Spiritual Aspects of Alcohol:

How Alcohol Effects the Brain

Further Detail:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dress for Success California Style By Bill Zimmermann

This article is a work in progress. As I have time to work on it, it will expand nicely and with real cred.  Thanks Bill Z.

Throughout your lifetime you may have heard the phrases “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” Well, science says if you want to be smarter, dress better. And it's not just superficial. Slip on a tailored suit, fine shoes, and perhaps a bespoke shirt, and it will transform you - in New York City maybe, but what about Southern California?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Highly Sensitive People may just save the world

It's not Aspergers, it's not depression and it's not a mental illness. Highly Sensitive People are probably some of the most misunderstood people in the world today. Misunderstood by their peers, and often misunderstood by themselves, HSP's are tricked into seeing themselves as "mentally weak" due to the constant stream of societal signals that a thick skin is required. And while a thick skin has it's merits desensitized people or the "I don't care" population may have thicker skin but it goes beyond that. The dominant culture suffers from what we know to be caustic insensitivity. It has become the cultural norm. We have become a population of desensitized "I don't care" people.

And that is just the beginning. The super-hero phenomenon and eugenics linked to survival mechanisms pose a true danger to society as transhumanism threatens to enslave the world through certain domination of factions who possess the technologies.

HSP's are often people who have been born with a heightened awareness, some have enhanced DNA strands and show signs of advances in human genetics improving on a quantum level. HSP's lack training in how to use their skills leads to the question, "Who are these people and what can they offer society?" Some suggest they are here to guide and heal a seriously disturbed culture back to sanity kindness and love. But without training the gifts of the HSP often goes untapped. Also, the small number of HSP's in mainstream society and in positions of power is evident in the 99% vs. 1% and between social classes where sociopathy is not only desirable but is a requirement for admission to the upper classes.

Someone HSP Vegan should write a good book on the subject. The World Peace Diet book touches on the power if the HSP but is more a book about Veganism and its virtues. We need to begin identifying and training HSP people in the art of persuasion, the culture of power and the mechanisms of social control. I want to encourage emotionally sensitive people to discover and to develop their true abilities! For having a "super sensitive nervous system", specifically the sympathetic nerve system, is like having a superpower and you're born with it or not! It's like the anti-psychopath biology. Learning how to use your powers takes an understanding of its abilities and practice to manage it properly.

If we are to avoid the pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence, Eugenics, and the threat of those who possess the technologies of transhumanism HSP's must move forward, gain political power and political control over the nations of the world and move the human race out of harms way and move it forward in peace, harmony and love.