Sunday, August 27, 2017

A New Challenge (to my friends) + Run From The Cure , The Rick Simpson Story film + CA growers law

It's August 27th, 2017. I'm writing this blog entry because I'm about to get a diagnosis that I may not find desirable. Recently I've lost all sensitivity on the left side of my body and have been diagnosed so far with seven brain lesions that may be cancer. I am working tirelessly on a solution that makes sense to me. And, if you know me well, you know that I will always refuse chemotherapy radiation and am likely to refuse surgery. If this diagnosis is undesirable and alleged cancer shows up as positive, not to worry... I will treat it with successful therapies that work.  I will likely use medical marijuana in addition to a modified ketogenic diet and several other layers of highly effective treatments that will likely heal me within 90 days.

I want to go on record as a person who does not like the feeling of the effects of the THC high from marijuana. I enjoyed it that way in college and in my twenties. It was a mistake then and that would be a mistake, at this time. I don't enjoy the feeling of being high on THC and I want that to be clear in this article.

Within the next week, I will be planting six legal marijuana plants. I will send a letter to the police department and to the mayor of San Diego to make sure that we are in compliance here at my home. I have the ideal situation to grow enough to create the cannabis oil necessary to defray costs and heal this possibly lethal cancer (or whatever it turns out these lesions end up being) quickly and effectively as part of an all star therapy - the best that can be done. Certainly, any brain lesion is a bad lesion and must be attended to properly. While I trust my physician Dr. James Novak I believe that he has, as all MD's do today limited educational resources regarding the most efficacious and successful outcomes period while I have faith in his ability to assist me I am guarded.

I want my friends and family to know that I'm not afraid and that I have a few moments of fear and panic because maintaining an aggressively successful plan is critical and essential to moving through this passage in my life.  I'm planning to see Dr. John Bergman at his earliest appointment up in Huntington Beach California. He may have an added perspective as well as dr. Patrick Vickers from northern Baja Gerson Center who will be providing frankincense as one of the centerpiece therapies I will be using.

I've view this situation as a dynamic challenge to my character and to my strength, however, I would never wish this situation upon any other human being. The shameful exploitation of cancer patients by pharmaceutical companies is evil beyond my ability to describe in words. That is why it is important that this blog entry is written to describe what one man can do to save his own life. If I fail it's my own damn fault. There is enough information out there to cure cancer and all degenerative diseases if one has enough support money and character to pull it off. Sometimes some of us are not meant to stay here on the planet, we have better things to do and our job is to exit and get to work on our Soul's Journey. However, if this is not the case I hope to see you all in the near future.

I want to thank all my friends amazing gifted and lovely friends who have been so warm and wonderful, in particular, Adam Cohen, the Agar family, Gale Malone, the Simon family. I want to extend a special thank you to Dan and Traudl Pressman for their love and support at this incredibly difficult time.  With friends like these, it makes it almost easy to face challenges and to win back health and balance from these sudden life challenges like these.  God willing I will get the use of my left arm back soon {thank god for speech to text} and will be back stronger smarter wiser and a better person for having the gift of this challenge.

All my love and respect, Bill Zimmerman

Read about the law regarding growing your own marijuana in California here

Friday, August 25, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Watch "How Telling The Truth Will Save You - The Radical Honesty About The Source Of All Human Stress" on YouTube

Ego Is The Enemy - Julien Blanc (+Julien Blanc Bookclub playlist)

I've come across a lot of good coaches but here on Zimmermania we vet these guys. Julian is an excellent coach. He's not perfect but it is possible to build on what he teaches. I focus you on Ego is the Enemy video. Below it is the full playlist for great inspiration.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Terrific Introduction to a Plant Based Diet (Video)

This is for Mike Coss.

What Mike does not know is I lost my father to the same surgery he had this week. My dad was only a few months older than I am right now. It is one reason I take such good care of myself today. I study the work of many plant based diet guru's and listen carefully to what they have to say. This presentation is about the best I've ever seen for the new beginner. Dr. Lim carry's so much credibility as a main stream physician that it is difficult to impossible to deny his words.  (Advanced Health with John Bergman)

An Introduction to a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet - a presentation by Dr. Lim