Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Political rant...

Confidence in our leadership has a great deal to do with how we feel about our lives.  Humans are pack animals in a way that we choose leaders and expect them to provide for the greater good.  How we choose them and what kind of results they provide is integral to the social order and overall well being of nations.

When reviewing the presidential electoral process for 2017 we are astounded to watch a large percentage of the American public fall down a seriously disturbing rabbit hole.  Why on earth should we find ourselves with the highest concentration of ignorance ever recorded in American history staring us in the face  - to suffocating degrees - as the public moves to support men like Donald Trump in his pursuit for the presidency?  It inspires one to believe that we have slipped into an fictional alternate universe somewhere between Tunderdome and an all-out zombie uprising.  And to think after all the alleged rise in consciousness reported by "love and light" spiritualists meditators and Law of Attraction people then why one earth would any percentage of American public vote for an imbecile as tawdry and as indecent as this ghastly Donald Trump character? What does this tell us about the U.S.? Is this a country of horrible people of what?  Are we now suddenly a huge vat of stupid people or just very scared, extremely frustrated dumbed-down people who have watched so much TV they can't distinguish between reality and fantasy?

Well, these are troubling times, and when I last checked we were not all that serious about electing the absolute least among us in an election that in some respects resembles an episode of the Jersey Shore more than a serious effort to appoint a qualified person that we can trust to lead a free world.  It quickly becomes sad when the reality of where power really comes from in this country and the unfairness of it all really hits home. How much our country is "sold and owned" and how quickly we may lose it on yet unimagined levels because of poor choices (translation "NO CHOICES") between one insane politician and another ready willing and able to pillage the office for their own personal gain.

So many Americans are moving past hate, object fetishism (materialism) and are living extraordinary lives as the humans they hoped they would become. I can only hope I am one of them. But the government does not follow. Politicians do not grow spiritually ...at all. They do not evolve.  They do not grow. They are trapped in endless cycles of strategic planning, treachery deceit and corruption that is utterly and completely inescapable for them. No one escapes this.  It is why evolving men and women avoid politics and leave the dirty work to people like Trump and Clinton. As long as good people choose to avoid the pain of participation in the political system we will remain trapped in the status-quo system that is driving us off the cliff on so many levels that we may not expect our children to live, let alone live happy productive "evolved" lives. Evolving spiritual people are advancing rapidly into undreamed of realms of quantum healing, advanced intuition and into the furthest reaches of human spiritual potential.  Their interests have no representation in government. As long as people accept a government that attracts the very least among us we are in great danger. However in between all the insanity has emerged one ray of hope.  Bernie Sanders.  Where he came from and how he got here appears to be a blessing of such magnitude that it is almost incomprehensible that anybody would see him as anything short of a godsend.   Why a widely respected 74 year old Senator would run for the President of the United States at a time when he might want to start enjoying his family, travel and get comfortable this man nine years past retirement age has gripped the hearts and the hopes of so many people it is almost as strange a phenomenon as the other candidates but for very different reasons.

If we fail now our future and the future of our children are placed in jeopardy for generations to come. It appears to to be a terminal condition for our country and the planet. Should good people ignore politics and simply move forward outside the political system; to just keep going as the power structure keeps taking more and more of our rights our access to prosperity and to a healthy environment we are forced to confront a political monster so evil that no one person can survive it let alone operate within it without losing their soul. So what do we do? Leave the country? Take refuge in suicide? Give them the depopulation they want? Frankly I don't want to live in a country that is run by Donald Trump. I can barely stand the idea of living in a country run by Hillary Clinton. The shame that is the United States leaves me haunted with a strange emptiness where some kind of patriotism once lived.

I can not rally behind false leaders or pathological liars any more. At sixty years old I pity the generations to come. I pity those who hide in denial, dangerous illusions and self deception. I pity people who think they are strong but are weak. And I am sad for the children of today who will grow up with bullies as their role models. Masses of boys and girls educated in public schools - ever more dumbed down by a culture who is not their friend. They will never know what it is to be fully human or the potential therein. And they will never know how great this country might have been if only it's leaders were sane human beings. When the pathology of politics guarantees that sociopaths will lead a painfully submissive public so terribly used to and drunk on decades of conditioning and lies propelled by designed psychological control mechanisms (that would make Edward Bernays cringe) good people of sound mind must take pause to reflect on what it is that we have become. What will become of a country whose public is so easily duped, that is so sick of mind as to place their sovereign human rights that hundreds of millions of people worked and died for. To place the trust of generations of people who lived and died in hardship to give us this fine nation and then to place it into the slimy hands of people like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is so incomprehensible that it may be time to leave this place we have called home. I believe it is intellectually justifiable to say that the heart and soul of America is already gone and that what we are witnessing is the final death throws of this allegedly once great nation.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

(Mental Health Topic) For the Politically Minded: Excellent list of "games" played by disinformation artists.

The original source of this article is Washington's Blog. Reproduced for informational purposes only.

Copyright © Global Research, Washington's Blog, 2011

You may be asking yourselves "Why is Bill posting this political stuff? Mental health is a big part of physical health. Personal political health is all about understanding so you can get what you want in a system where the cards are stacked against you. This can affect your health especially when you begin to feel powerless. I promise not to publish too many (as few as possible) political articles but some are too informative to ignore - for you my loyal readers your health is number one and that includes your education in some special cases. In this case it's about understanding how sleazy politicians act to take away what's yours. And if that does not help your general health and well being I don't know what will. Indulge me this time my friends.


Preface: This handy set of rules covers most of the games which disinformation artists play on the Internet (and offline). When you know the tricks, you’ll be able to spot the games. Even if you’ve read this list before, you might be surprised at how useful it is to brush up on these tricks.

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don’t discuss it — especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it’s not reported, it didn’t happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

2. Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the “How dare you!” gambit.

Caution: What to do when any negative diagnosis is presented to you by your doctor.


The wisdom behind getting a second opinion in any medical situation becomes more and more apparent as we explore a world of medicine quite different than the one we expect. Greed avarice and the need to make money is far outstripping most ethical practices in America today. Medicine is no exception. Examining the ethical miscarriages in government on Wall Street and in big Pharma we quickly deduce that American values have shifted in recent years in favor of personal financial progress at the expense of anything and everything including your health. 

When our physical security is placed in jeopardy for whatever reason we are at war with the world around us in the sense that we cannot trust the basic medical services offered to us in the form they exist today. This is a known fact as we watch the need for financial freedom and the implied greed unfold in front of us. Charlatans to the left of us charlatans to the right of us, it is a never ending parade of ethical corruption brought on by insecurity, competition greed and a breakdown of basic morality within the culture as a whole. This breakdown affects the grocer to the politician. Businesses of every shape and size including medicine and all of its associated institutions find themselves ensnared a broken business model that conflicts with the men and women who dreamed of being excellent physicians for what they must do is don the robes of the psychopath in order to cope with the intense guilt shame and self loathing potentiated by a medical system that is utterly and completely broken. They must throw off all the emotions of guilt and shame and wrongdoing in order to function. They are encouraged to do so from the very beginning in medical school. It starts on the first day when they are presented with a cadaver which dehumanizes people and psychologically programs the first year medical students to consider themselves as part of an elite group above and superior to all of the rest of humanity. It is also the beginning of the God complex that many physicians fall prey to. It also leads to the psychopathy that is rampant in the medical world today. This is why I found the following article to be interesting. But first I'll give you an example of what to look out for from my personal experience.

My personal odyssey: It lasted two years. When my doctor diagnosed me with a raised PSA score for prostate specific antigen he gently suggested that if I did not have cancer now I would shortly develop it. He warned me that a urologist would send me down a path of surgeries and most likely undesirable outcomes. So I was stuck with his diagnosis and went from there. I knew that having biopsies taken from the prostate would only exacerbate the problem (if it existed as my doctor suggested that it might) so I turned to a natural therapy called the Gerson therapy which took two years to complete. To this day I will never know if I had cancer or not. But my decision to interrupt any process of cancer was a good call. It was right to start with the Gerson therapy because it helped eliminate any possibility or of a cancer time bomb ticking inside me but it also healed 14 other conditions that were plaguing me at the time. I don't regret the hard work that is the Gerson Therapy or taking two years to repair my body and my mid 50s but I do regret my reaction to my physicians dark diagnosis. It took five years to understand that prostate cancer is a slow-growing highly treatable disease when caught early and I probably would have been okay for some time even if I did have cancer cells to biopsy.  I chose to do it the hard way.  Indeed Gerson is one of the most difficult therapies in terms of time energy and participation it is not widely known that only 1 out of 20 people can or will complete the full Gerson Treatment at all. Still I am grateful I completed it as it set me up for longevity and recharged my immune system while eliminating 14 other symptoms such as GERD, allergies, and a host of other minor age and toxic-body related conditions.

Even the most well-intentioned physicians make communication and diagnostic mistakes. In my case my physician scared the living daylights out of me perhaps unintentionally by overstating the probability of my disease condition. This mistake can easily be made when doctors appointments are limited to 15 minutes of communication and treatment. The business aspect of medicine becomes the enemy at this point. Not the doctor necessarily but rather the business model truncates communication through the severe limitation of time spent with patients. 

Then there are physicians who are out right unethical and that is what the following article covers. Be extremely careful when choosing a physician in the first place. Insist on thorough and complete explanations of your condition or diagnosis, and always always always get a second opinion from similar MDs and also from holistic or natural-paths. No one cares about around your stance your health as well as you do. Trust your intuition. 

Enjoy the following article. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

An Evening with Ashley Tomasino

An Evening with Ashley Tomasino, Shaman, Visionary and Healer.  Here is a Google Story to help you experience the evening with me.

How to make your home more personal and inviting.

By Morgan Potts

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In the past I’ve written about raising your body’s vibration with clean, fresh, high energy foods. Eating this way makes you feel so much more alive, inspired and eager to enjoy the magic of each day. Now I’m taking it a step further, and giving you some tips to energetically cleanse the rooms in your home, office or space.

We cleanse our home energetically in order to welcome good, high vibration energy into your space, and clear away any negative vibes. This way, not only are our bodies vibin’ high and in total alignment with our dreams, but so is our home.

A home filled with good vibes brings on better conversation, meditation, cooking, working, creativity and so much more. There will be less fights, misunderstandings, arguments and sadness. The place you spend most of your time should be a space you want to spend time in, and create beautiful things.

Feel the energy, love your space, sink into its bliss!

1. Burn Sage

Burning smudge sticks made from sage, or any other purifying herb, like lavender, or sweet grass is energetically purifying to the home. Burning sage clears any unwanted energies out of the room, and welcomes high vibration, good energy in its place. After an argument or fight, it’s a great idea to burn sage to move that energy out, and move on. Go through each room of your home with a burning smudge stick, waving it in a clockwise motion with thoughts of cleansing and positivity.

2. Ask “do I really need this?”

Every few months it’s a great idea to go through your house and think about what things are truly necessary for you to keep. Figure out which of them you can donate, throw away or give to a friend.

As humans we tend to collect way too many items that we will never EVER use. Keeping these things in our homes is only making us cluttered, cramped and overwhelmed. It can be super therapeutic to get rid of the things that no longer serve us. Let go, allow the energetic release… go with it. The items we hold on to could be saying a lot more about us, and you may find a deep message about your self during this release.

Extra tip: you may find it easier to do this during a new moon, where our bodies and mind are releasing and able to let go more easily.

3. Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

I absolutely love pink salt, and I use it for all my cooking. But there’s so much more it can do! Crystal lamps give off a sweet glowy vibe that makes you feel good just by looking at it. The pink/orange color affects us both physically and emotionally. It gives off a comforting feeling of safeness and security. It’s even said that this light is good for our nervous system, kidneys and bladder.

Salt lamps also give off negative ion particles. Negative ions cling to positive ion particles (which we don’t want) and weigh them down to the ground so that they aren’t floating through our air and putting us out of balance. This is a simple way of energetically cleansing and purifying the air. Good vibes!

4. Singing and Dancing

Moving your body with the rhythm of your emotions is healing to the mind and soul. And singing like no one can hear you, with fire and joy, can be such a release. Let the spirit move you!!!! As you swing and howl or scream with passion, you are filling each room with your uplifting, animating vibration.

[Also read: 9 Healing Benefits of Music]

5. Beeswax Candles

Another way to produce those lovely negative ions is by burning all natural 100% beeswax candles. Beeswax gives of a soothing deep yellow glow. This is stress reducing and puts us in a “feel good” mood. At the same time, negative ions are produced, cleaning the air, and also weighing down allergens and other irritating particles.

Plus, beeswax smells amazing. This is such an inviting aroma, the subtle sweetness of honey is oh so delicious. I could spend hours just gazing at a lit beeswax candle and breathing in its intoxicating aroma. This really soothes the soul.

6. Meditate

Having a clean energy in your home enhances meditation. And meditation enhances the energy in your home! So this is a win-win situation. There are countless benefits to this practice, and this inner work seeps into the space around us, too. I can definitely feel this good energy in the home of other meditators, too.

The meditation practice I do is Transcendental Meditation, which is done twice daily – and has quite honestly changed my life. If you think you’re ready to learn, reach out and I can get you in touch with a recommended teacher.

7. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the best ways to vibe up your space with fresh fragrance and good energy. Each essential oil has its own qualities, and characteristics, and you can choose based on your mood. Sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit are very uplifting and cleansing. Lavender and frankincense will be calming, and good for stress relief and relaxation. You will need an essential oil burner to diffuse these aromas. This is also the secret to having the best smelling house on the block!!

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Love Your Space

These vibrations live in the walls, in the plants and the breaths of each human living here. Good vibes remain, and can always be recharged, cleansed and powered up again. You can never do any of this too much. Keep it going, and keep it energized. Love your space.

Dwelling in a home of good vibrations connects us deeper to our inner divinity. It brings us closer to unlocking the potential we all have within. This lets our hearts move freely. You will FEEL this energy. Let it charge you up, and come alive! Open up, and welcome this love and abundance into your life.

I’ve put together a list of the products I talked about in this article all in one place to help. These are brands I approve of and use in my home — you can see or purchase them here: Check out the Amazon

Morgan Potts is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Morgan received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and works both locally in Rochester, New York, and over the phone with clients from around the world who are struggling with anxiety and nervousness, helping them to find balance in life, tap into their inner energies and sync in with nature. She teaches clients to really slow down and enjoy life, with increased mindfulness, awareness and connection.

Whole foods, green juice, and holistic methods for detoxing are also subjects of passion and inspiration for her work. She has an active juice blog full of recipes, photos and juicy online inspirations. Kale, love, and positive vibrations! Connect with Morgan via Facebook, Twitter, or visit her websitebalanceinnutrition.com

This article edited by Andy Whiteley for Wake Up World.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Watch "The Amazing Power of Your Mind" - A MUST SEE!

"A deeply satisfying educational experience."
"Fills in the gaps and so much more."
"It's like the best sermon in the world."
"Better than any pep talk I've ever gotten."

These are some of the comments from the "comments" section of this video.  Enjoy Zimmermania family!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring and Hope for Us All. A View From the Top

Hi everybody!  I hope you all are enjoying this stunning weather greeting the day with all the joy nature give us each spring.  It's so good to see fresh new life bursting out of the ground and rolling down the street in baby carriages.  The good news for them wee wogs are the little wins popping up all over the world where nature remains in balance and respected, restored and protected.  Hotspots where meditators and loving thoughts create change cooling tensions at the quantum level.  Vegan values gaining momentum, a surprisingly respectable presidential candidate.  ALL the song birds of North Park are back after the 2003 fires. You hear new voices chirping and singing that have been missing for over a decade.  The sky opened up and brought the snow pack we hoped for this year as el Nino arrived right on schedule to begin the end to the water crisis here in the south west.