Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Political rant...

Confidence in our leadership has a great deal to do with how we feel about our lives.  Humans are pack animals in a way that we choose leaders and expect them to provide for the greater good.  How we choose them and what kind of results they provide is integral to the social order and overall well being of nations.

When reviewing the presidential electoral process for 2017 we are astounded to watch a large percentage of the American public fall down a seriously disturbing rabbit hole.  Why on earth should we find ourselves with the highest concentration of ignorance ever recorded in American history staring us in the face  - to suffocating degrees - as the public moves to support men like Donald Trump in his pursuit for the presidency?  It inspires one to believe that we have slipped into an fictional alternate universe somewhere between Tunderdome and an all-out zombie uprising.  And to think after all the alleged rise in consciousness reported by "love and light" spiritualists meditators and Law of Attraction people then why one earth would any percentage of American public vote for an imbecile as tawdry and as indecent as this ghastly Donald Trump character? What does this tell us about the U.S.? Is this a country of horrible people of what?  Are we now suddenly a huge vat of stupid people or just very scared, extremely frustrated dumbed-down people who have watched so much TV they can't distinguish between reality and fantasy?

Well, these are troubling times, and when I last checked we were not all that serious about electing the absolute least among us in an election that in some respects resembles an episode of the Jersey Shore more than a serious effort to appoint a qualified person that we can trust to lead a free world.  It quickly becomes sad when the reality of where power really comes from in this country and the unfairness of it all really hits home. How much our country is "sold and owned" and how quickly we may lose it on yet unimagined levels because of poor choices (translation "NO CHOICES") between one insane politician and another ready willing and able to pillage the office for their own personal gain.

So many Americans are moving past hate, object fetishism (materialism) and are living extraordinary lives as the humans they hoped they would become. I can only hope I am one of them. But the government does not follow. Politicians do not grow spiritually ...at all. They do not evolve.  They do not grow. They are trapped in endless cycles of strategic planning, treachery deceit and corruption that is utterly and completely inescapable for them. No one escapes this.  It is why evolving men and women avoid politics and leave the dirty work to people like Trump and Clinton. As long as good people choose to avoid the pain of participation in the political system we will remain trapped in the status-quo system that is driving us off the cliff on so many levels that we may not expect our children to live, let alone live happy productive "evolved" lives. Evolving spiritual people are advancing rapidly into undreamed of realms of quantum healing, advanced intuition and into the furthest reaches of human spiritual potential.  Their interests have no representation in government. As long as people accept a government that attracts the very least among us we are in great danger. However in between all the insanity has emerged one ray of hope.  Bernie Sanders.  Where he came from and how he got here appears to be a blessing of such magnitude that it is almost incomprehensible that anybody would see him as anything short of a godsend.   Why a widely respected 74 year old Senator would run for the President of the United States at a time when he might want to start enjoying his family, travel and get comfortable this man nine years past retirement age has gripped the hearts and the hopes of so many people it is almost as strange a phenomenon as the other candidates but for very different reasons.

If we fail now our future and the future of our children are placed in jeopardy for generations to come. It appears to to be a terminal condition for our country and the planet. Should good people ignore politics and simply move forward outside the political system; to just keep going as the power structure keeps taking more and more of our rights our access to prosperity and to a healthy environment we are forced to confront a political monster so evil that no one person can survive it let alone operate within it without losing their soul. So what do we do? Leave the country? Take refuge in suicide? Give them the depopulation they want? Frankly I don't want to live in a country that is run by Donald Trump. I can barely stand the idea of living in a country run by Hillary Clinton. The shame that is the United States leaves me haunted with a strange emptiness where some kind of patriotism once lived.

I can not rally behind false leaders or pathological liars any more. At sixty years old I pity the generations to come. I pity those who hide in denial, dangerous illusions and self deception. I pity people who think they are strong but are weak. And I am sad for the children of today who will grow up with bullies as their role models. Masses of boys and girls educated in public schools - ever more dumbed down by a culture who is not their friend. They will never know what it is to be fully human or the potential therein. And they will never know how great this country might have been if only it's leaders were sane human beings. When the pathology of politics guarantees that sociopaths will lead a painfully submissive public so terribly used to and drunk on decades of conditioning and lies propelled by designed psychological control mechanisms (that would make Edward Bernays cringe) good people of sound mind must take pause to reflect on what it is that we have become. What will become of a country whose public is so easily duped, that is so sick of mind as to place their sovereign human rights that hundreds of millions of people worked and died for. To place the trust of generations of people who lived and died in hardship to give us this fine nation and then to place it into the slimy hands of people like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is so incomprehensible that it may be time to leave this place we have called home. I believe it is intellectually justifiable to say that the heart and soul of America is already gone and that what we are witnessing is the final death throws of this allegedly once great nation.

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