Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring and Hope for Us All. A View From the Top

Hi everybody!  I hope you all are enjoying this stunning weather greeting the day with all the joy nature give us each spring.  It's so good to see fresh new life bursting out of the ground and rolling down the street in baby carriages.  The good news for them wee wogs are the little wins popping up all over the world where nature remains in balance and respected, restored and protected.  Hotspots where meditators and loving thoughts create change cooling tensions at the quantum level.  Vegan values gaining momentum, a surprisingly respectable presidential candidate.  ALL the song birds of North Park are back after the 2003 fires. You hear new voices chirping and singing that have been missing for over a decade.  The sky opened up and brought the snow pack we hoped for this year as el Nino arrived right on schedule to begin the end to the water crisis here in the south west.

The silly new-agers, the dreamers and peaceful students of love and peace appear to be light years ahead of government policy and politics in our country.  I'm seeing a huge gulf between what progress every day people are making as the leading edge of humanity begins to shine.  I'm watching two generations behind me wake up as much of mine remains blissfully asleep in front of our televisions, fully immersed in the American Dream that was the promise of Madison Avenue, hollywood and all the others who profited by the creation of the dream.  The idea of Waking Up from what ever illusions spells or dreams that keep us docile and compliant is hitting the main stream as boomers sleep, generation X and Y and even the Millennials are coming on-line awake and aware and ready to take the wheel in a way that is far less materialistic that those who were programmed before them.

I watch as young people grasp the world they are inheriting.  I see how much they love and respect the natural world that Boomers were taught to ignore or to feel comfortable being separated from. The internet has helped the plugged in generations to tune in collectively, gather together in universal discourse to begin the conversation of the ages where mass wisdom and a collective of critical thinkers will merge with ideas from science and the natural world and where solutions to fix the mistakes of the 20th century. The walls to elite politics, class and the media thought control machine will dissolve in the sensibility of global communication and free speech where the wisdom of a new kind of humanity will be distilled argued fairly and emerge closer to the truth than ever before.

People born today will view us Baby Boomers as a science experiment at the end of the American industrial revolution.  We will be discussed in University classrooms as the people who were collectively influenced en mass by a media-controlled propaganda for profit experiment led by the least among us.

With the rise of the Internet, back room politics, the pacts between corporations and government are weakening under the demand for transparency by organizations like Wikileaks and the heroics of men like Manning and Snowden.  A surprisingly aware society is forming.  The democracy of true citizenship will gain power and momentum placing the people back in control even if it is slow, bit by bit piece by piece each year as these Gen X, Y and Millennials decipher and identify deception and unfair practices.  The oppression we grew up with now becomes history lessons to a new America that is finally emerging as a nation relieved of narcissistic object fetishism, male dominated left brained control mechanisms and government designed terrorism.

The new America will be far more obsessed with respect for the beauty nature and the wonder of what it is to be human in celebration of awareness and faith in the power of love dialogue peaceful aggression and national security based in international trust and cooperation.

As our many gifts are revealed the true power of the individual becomes visible as the generations X,Y and M expand in a dance of scientific freedom coupled with a naturalist and archaic revival. The nebulous formless dream of  the sixties finally takes on real meaning and will be expressed with order and political strength as the numbers of like mind  ed youth coalesces.  The refined philosophy of decency and mutuality through cooperation (not competition) will seep into the corporate culture as our world is passed into the capable hands of these wiser better organized and meaning-driven generations.  The era of greed, the horror and unique attributes of what were once people called Yuppies is nearly over. There is promise for the future and wisdom in those who will lead us into the future.  They are faced with a world where humanity can grow up, face the truth or die.  They will acquiesce to apocalyptic machinations of those who came before them. The Boomers would be well advised to support their progeny as they are the birds returning after the fires and they know about the power of nature the collective consciousness, community and love.  They are quickly waking up to what real humanity is and to the potential found therein.

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