Monday, June 8, 2009

An absolute must see movie. ZEITGEIST, The Movie Remastered / Final version

This is probably the single most important documentary that has ever confronted the consciousness of the American people if not the people of the world. Watch it in its entirety and learn who we were, who we are and what might be. I am not saying it is all true, but of the many facts presented some appear to have credence. About 2 hours long. Use "full screen" button for best viewing.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement?
The Zeitgeist Movement is a grass roots campaign to unify the world through a common ideology based on the fundamentals of life and nature. This movement ignores politics, religion and the like, and instead attempts to communicate how all humans are the same at the fundamental level and how it is time we start to work together on a global scale to end the seemingly perpetual conflict and suffering in our current world society.

Now the addendum:

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