Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV."

I came across this list of I thought it was insightful and practical and useful. So I am going to post it for today. I have edited it extensively...hence it "is" original.
Read a book. Go to the cinema. Watch someone play or play a musical instrument yourself. Write a letter. Go for a walk. Pick up litter. Call a friend. Sing. Pursue your hobby. Bowl. Write a poem. Clean your drawers. Take a class. Floss. Plan a trip. Exercise. State your dream. Volunteer.
Ride a bicycle. Paint a picture. Teach someone to read. Learn Spanish. Look out the window. Go to the library. Visit a neighbor. Do your dishes. Fix a broken item. Learn improvisational comedy.
Visit an art museum. Volunteer at your local humane society and spend time with animals. Go ice skating at UTC. Compose a song. Eat a good breakfast. Sort your old photographs. Take your unwanted newspapers and magazines to someone who would like them or to recycling. Fish.
Satisfy your craving for "reality programming" by going out in the "real world." Trace your genealogy. Rearrange the furniture. Help someone build a house. Jump on the bed. Get your cholesterol checked. Visit a new restaurant. Volunteer to clean up a freeway exit near you. Do the laundry. Bake a pie.
Save whales. Brush your teeth. Remember what your mother told you. Write a poem.
Take up a new hobby. Walk along the seashore, lakeside, desert, mountains. Test your strength. Hit the gym. Ride the bus. Talk to a cat. Take an adult education class. Plant a garden. Talk with someone real different from you. Hoe the garden. Take a bath.
Balance your checkbook. Coin a term. Found a literary movement. Chop wood. Change your mind. Mow the grass. Do the macarena. Write a manifesto.
Choose your long distance carrier. Tie your shoes. Comb your hair. Clean the windows. Take a five. Go for broke. Inventory. Make an appointment for dental care. Take your pills. Attend a festival. Dance the night away. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Play ping-pong. Take photos. Chase rainbows. Chase Manhattan. Chase Chevy Chase. Paint the town.
Settle old bets. Change a diaper that needs changing. Change a bill if you need some coins. Keep an appointment.
Finish that book you've been reading. Toil in obscurity. Learn a new language. Lower your cholesterol somehow. Escape to Wisconsin. Find a pin and pick it up.
Herd cats. Jump like a bunny. Collate papers. Sharpen the pencils.
Try walking up the stairs. Tell someone that I love you. Don't spread rumors. Tell someone that you love them.
Lose weight naturally.
Go to a church, synagogue or a house of worship. But try going there when there is a service.
Go to a planetarium. Teach a class.
State the fundamental theorem of calculus. Learn Java, the object-oriented computer language of interactivity on the Web. Pick your seat. Cancel your subscription. Pile it high and deep.
Take a shower. Take another look around.
Minister to the sick. Visit the aged. Treasure the moments. Appreciate the veterans.
Pursue art for Art's sake. Tune a guitar. Walk a dog. Mend a fence.
Clean your plate. Announce your secret disgust and revilement for Kenny G. Fall in love.
Learn line dancing. Diet more sanely. Shake hands with your neighbor. Clean your house.
Don't covet your neighbor's wife. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and vote for love not for "freedom."
Shoot the moon. Shoot the rapids.
Memorize a sonnet. Can vegetables or test a new recipe. Take a cool second job that exposes you to more people. Listen to a symphony. Sort your CD's. Call me sometime. Rinse. Repeat.
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