Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slick whte guy thinks he can pull it off in Africa

Aids in Africa. Bill Clinton's new big push. He's a great guy but the man is such a dreamer. I could not help but write to him these words today sent to his 'web team.' Why is it that nobody ever talks about population control except the Chinese?

Dear President Clinton,
I respect your initiative to cure Aids in Africa. I have to take exception to this goal though I hope you are capable of success. My question for you is: Why would drug companies cure Aids (or cancer) when the economic impact of the cure would leave the companies bankrupt? Drug companies have a vested interest in perpetuating disease regardless of what their credibility is. There is no hope for Africa without the science to bring to a halt the cause of this disease with a preventative vaccine. Your glowing words in your video here are fashioned beautifully and certainly we all want to end suffering. We can not ignore the population growth problem in Africa. Without birth control there will always be death. For most countries in Africa can not sustain the number of people who live there. If death does not come from Aids it will come from starvation. Virtually 100% of Africa's peril is due to unwanted pregnancy. Sex, while enjoyable, as we all know is not a joy easily controlled. But control it the Africans MUST. Like the Chinese Africa must create and implement a zero population growth manifesto. Until this becomes a reality I faithfully believe that all attempts to assist Africa will be in vain. I wish you well and unlimited success in this effort. But do not be blind to the underlying causes of this epidemic.

I can't help but recall the Chris Rock quote from Bigger and Blacker:
You think they're gonna cure AlDS?
No, they can't even cure athlete's foot.
They ain't curing AlDS.
Shit, they ain't never curing AlDS.
Don't even think about that shit.
They ain't curing it,
'cause there ain't no money in the cure.
The money's in the medicine.
That's how you get paid, on the comeback.
That's how a drug dealer makes his money,
on the comeback.
That's all the government is:
a bunch of motherfucking drug dealers,
on the comeback.
They ain't curing no AlDS.
That's all it is.
You think they're gonna cure AlDS?
They're still mad at all the money
they lost on polio!
Curing AlDS? Shit, that's like Cadillac
making a car that lasts for years.
And you know they can do it...
but they ain't gonna do nothing
that fucking dumb.
Shit, they got metal on the space shuttle
that can go around the moon...
and withstand temperatures
of up to degrees.
You mean to tell me you don't think
they can make an Eldorado...
where the fucking bumper don't fall off?
They can, but they won't.
So what they will do with AlDS is the
same thing they do with everything else.
They will figure out a way
for you to live with it.
They don't cure shit, they just patch it up.
Get you to the next stop,
so they can get more of your money.

Still think slick Willie can pull it off in Africa?

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