Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Ideas

Good ideas come not from laying around the house wishing for them, they must be inspired, coaxed from or dragged out of you. My dad used to tell me that good ideas are few in a sea of what we think are good ideas. How do we know the difference between a good idea and one that just looks like a good idea? Ask people who know, do the research and test it. I have rarely had an original idea but occasionally I do have an original thought though that too is rare. Testing new ideas is alien to me as much as they are to you... so give it a try. Envision a future that is ideal. See yourself in a life that you have not yet considered. Then try envisioning yourself in another completely different life. Probable futures are created from thoughts... believe it or not so try some original thinking. Lay back and envision different scenario's. Recommended reading: Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality. Or listen on YouTube to Seth Speaks. What does this have to do with Comfort Zones? It is a way to rattle the cage of your reality. Check out the audio on YouTube. It is remarkable to say the least.

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