Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DetoxingYour Body - With Dr. John Bergman (Huntington Beach CA)

 I'd been waiting for a good video that helps us all to understand detoxification and why we should work it into our diet and supplement regimens. In this video Dr. Bergman discusses how to outsmart the radiation from Fukushima and so much more.

About Dr. Bergman
Dr. John Bergman is one of my favorite healers. His offices in Huntington Beach are one hour and fifteen minutes from San Diego and is worth a trip for almost any ailment or condition. His knowledge and perception of the human body is remarkable and inspired by his passion for truth and effective treatment. His love of people is apparent in his many videos that serve the world so profoundly. We are lucky to have such a physician close by. His YouTube Channel can be found here. It's a major online resource for good information on many physical and psychological conditions.


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