Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Pray In Power - Gregg Braden

Humans are always looking for ways to increase their advantage in any way possible. It's "monkey-think" or the reptilian brain functioning in survival mode. So what then is prayer? Is it a method people use to delude themselves into believing they have power over others or over nature? Or is it a mechanical device that actually does "move mountains" when correctly practiced.  I'm always skeptical of that which can not be seen.  However after 40 years of watching the sketchy but interesting results of what is now referred to as "the law of attraction" but was for me simply the information I got from the Jane Roberts Seth Material coupled with forty years of meditation and the intuition that came from it, I started to see that there was something mysterious when I was desperate sincere and direct in prayer. Something always moved in my favor. Not right away and not always in the exact way I wanted but the burdens were always lifted when though met feeling (emotion). Something ALWAYS moved. So I post these two videos to help clarify what this phenomenon actually is and how you can take advantage of it. I believe the Sumarian texts also support this and that we begin to see the human potential and possible power of these practices.

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