Monday, August 15, 2016

A Recent Experiment "The Week I Stopped Meditating"

I completed an experiment today. Last week I had been answering a lot of questions from people who had never experienced Transcendental Meditation. One smart gal wanted to know what it was like to practice for a long time, then stop for awhile, and then start again. I told her I had done this several times but that I would stop for a week and let her know. I did it ...and "let me tell you was PAINFUL!" I replied, not meditating for a week was just STRANGE. I got grouchy, sad depressed confused and I felt like I was not living my life. I felt plastic forced and socially inept by the fourth day. I had little genuine interest in my work or any sincere interest in the people around me. I felt as though I was just going through the motions. Mostly I felt old and TIRED. I heard from my YouTube channel subscribers "we do this (going through the motions) all the time - and that it is the way our lives have been for decades!" And these are just the people who are AWARE of that fact. Others display it so obviously that you can read it on their faces. You know them. Everyone does.

Once I sat down to meditate for 20 minutes today I found myself pulled into the meditation like gravity pulling a meteor to earth. I was like going down in an elevator and somebody cut the cable... completely out cold for twenty-four minutes with no sense of time for at least 15 minutes during which the pleasure of relief pervaded every cell of my being. It was the weight of the world coming off my shoulders, all stress released all at once and when I came out of meditation it was no longer the reality I knew just moments before. It was like being a new person or a person who experienced a massive shift. I ate lunch afterward and the food tasted five times better than a day ago. The same dish! Colors appeared brighter and my vision was much better. Gratitude came easily and selfish thoughts from before were gone - mostly because I was no longer in psychic PAIN! And I was no longer as tired and I did not feel old.

I can not tell you that you will have the same experience as me, but after 43 years of meditation, I can say it's highly unlikely you won't. There is something very special about the T.M. technique that sets it apart from other forms of meditation. It can't fix everything, but it takes a big ass bite out of psychic and emotional pain. And the body rests very deeply.

Yesterday I called the local T.M. Center in Mission Valley. The cost to learn the technique is down to $950 and if two people go to learn at the same time the second person is like $800. For financially challenged people there is a very generous program to drastically reduce the cost. I'm delighted by these new rates and believe the T.M. movement is gaining new momentum and life now that it is back on track in too many ways to discuss here. If you have any questions please email me.

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