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More on Northern Baja Gerson Center - history and standing

We recently visited a new Gerson clinic in Rosarito Mexico.  We had heard about this doctor and decided to drive down to meet Dr. Patrick Vickers at his new state of the art luxury facility in Northern Baja Mexico about a half hour from San Diego.  Upon arrival we were met by a security guard who met us at his glass enclosed booth next to the electric gate through which we entered the facility.  

Looking around for the first time it was as if we had entered the summer beach house of a wealthy executive.  We were sure we were in the right place but It is confusing how beautiful a clinic for medical healing could be more like a vacation home than a clinic.  It turned out to be one of the most restful and relaxing healing facilities we had ever seen.  We were so impressed that I began to schedule time and resources to film a mini-documentary about it before we had even entered the front door. 

They have intentionally not applied to the Gerson Institute for licensing and will NOT be paying absorbent licensing fees to the Gerson Institute for surprisingly good reasons that Dr. Vickers made clear to us during our visit.

After a complete tour of the facility and a delicious Gerson salad prepared for us by his talented kitchen staff we drove to a local restaurant where Dr. Vickers ambushed us with story after story about his extraordinary journey teaching and sharing the work of Dr. Gerson with the world.  The surprising willingness to take the time to share the story of how he evolved to this point of his life was not only generous it began to appear real.     

He explained that he couldn’t be affiliated with his old friends at the Institute because he wants to update and keep up with technologies that improve the effectiveness of the basic Gerson Therapy.  Dr. Vickers has put together an “Advanced Gerson” program that helps close the gap on cancer and empower the basic Gerson Therapy with new muscle needed to cure cancers that have become more difficult to cure.  The additional therapies Vickers is using are well known and have been tested at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. “However” Vickers stated, “Alone they are not dynamic enough to defeat tough cancers.” Vickers said that these additional time-tested therapies when added to the Gerson Therapy add dimension and great healing power to assist the body to heal itself.  This is long overdue says Vickers and “it is exactly what Dr. Gerson would be doing it if he were alive today.”

Patrick Vickers is a 45-year-old chiropractor and sought after Gerson lecturer from has served the Amish community for the last thirteen years while raising his fourteen year old son and lecturing all over the world on the Gerson Therapy.  Dr. Vickers practices the Gerson lifestyle himself much of the year to maintain energy and general health.

Eight months ago he grew unsettled at the prospect of what may happen to the Gerson Therapy should Charlotte Gerson become unable to control the Mexico and Hungarian clinics that she has presided over for much of her life.  Dr. Vickers is concerned that the therapy itself had stagnated under her watch and is not moving forward when so many complimentary therapies now exist and work in agreement with the basic Gerson therapy.  So he flew to Mexico and began searching for the perfect property to open his state of the art facility.  He fell upon a brand new, very large beachfront home in Rosarito Beach Mexico with a brand new luxury condominium right next door.  All with ocean views and complete with pool, spa and 24 hour security guard at the gate provided for this exclusive upper class residential community.  He immediately acquired five two bedroom two bath condominiums, and began his quest to save the Gerson Therapy, as he believes Dr. Gerson would have developed it if he were alive today.

A young energetic man Dr. Patrick as he is affectionately known in Mexico has a long history of involvement with the Gerson leadership but he is also as a Wisconsin State Golf Champion and world traveler with roots deep within the ethic and sincerity of the Amish people.  He said, “Over the years I’ve seen great strides in therapies that are offered in Mexico and other countries but alone they are not effective against the most aggressive cancers.”  He went on to explain “The additional therapies pose great promise, but only in conjunction with the Gerson Therapy is their combined synergy effective enough to gain the upper hand over advanced cancers.  It has become more difficult for the basic Gerson Therapy to tackle more aggressive harder to treat cancers like breast cancer, which has seen an inexplicable drop in cure rates in the past decade.”   He went on to say with great sadness in his voice “In order to modernize the Gerson Therapy I was forced to bid my old friends at the Institute a fond farewell and go out on my own."  After lecture tours and teaching the Gerson therapy for over sixteen years and studying directly under Charlotte Gerson in the nineties our paths took different directions.”This left young Vickers free to improve the gold standard therapy even more in preparation for a world crying out for a better more effective solution to cancer.

Unhindered by approval or external influences Vickers opened his state of the art clinic in March of 2013 and with the heart of a true healer that clinic opened. Shortly after he caught the attention of alternative health website owners on the Internet.  Especially from cancer survivor Chris Wark.  Chris captured a series of Skype video interviews with Dr. Vickers that immediately went viral.  In the videos Dr. Vickers defined details of eight advanced therapies he has added to the Gerson program at his clinic.  This exposure rang true with intellectuals; forward thinking doctors and patients all over the world who were seeking a better way to defeat cancer.  Soon Dr. Vickers’ clinic was full with a waiting list.  He began to attract attention on the Internet in ways that were a reflection of the truth he was speaking and the integrity with which he was working. While he knew his advanced methods would not garner the approval of Charlotte or the Gerson Institute he realized that of the many complimentary therapies that had been discovered since the death of Max Gerson not a single one of them were being used at other clinics to cure cancer. Vickers described why he was forced to defend the science of Dr. Gerson, even when others would not.  He said “Regardless of the history, identity, or romanticism the charming Charlotte Gerson and her institute bring to the therapy someone has to take the Gerson Therapy, kicking and screaming if need be into the 21st century.  Vickers warned how important it was to advance the science of the Gerson protocol and how the technology must move forward or possibly be crushed under oppressive entities, even if it is by the very people who cherish it most.

The therapy is not immune to the handicaps of institutional stagnation especially when important advances have been made since Dr. Gerson’s death. One innovative therapy fascinated Dr. Gerson.  He referenced it several times in his book.  Specifically the work of William B. Coley aptly named “Coleys” therapy.  In addition to making sure his clinic holds true to all of Max Gerson's prescribed protocols Vickers has authorized several other therapies to be implemented at his clinic.

Ozone therapy

Hyperbaric chamber therapy

Hyperthermia therapy

IV Laetrile Therapy

IV Vitamin C therapy

Chelation Therapy

Autologous Therapy

Urea Therapy

Correctly implemented all of these advanced therapies energize the basic Gerson Therapy to a degree that a body gets the upper hand over the grip of even the most difficult to cure cancers.

Dr. Vickers employs three staff physicians some of which came from other Gerson clinics to work with his more advanced therapy.  The physicians who transferred to his new clinic were the best and brightest from the others.  This tells us something good is cooking at Northern Baja Gerson Center and it is not just soup!  Dr. Vickers has put together a clinic that can't be beat.  They offer eight additional therapies that crush cancer when added to the basic Gerson Therapy.  It was only a matter of time when some brave doctor would tackle the fact that the Gerson therapy could be improved.  Dr. Patrick Vickers is that brave soul.  He employs the full Gerson Therapy to the letter.  His insists of the freshest organics, which they obtain in the United States quite often from the most expensive retailers.  Vickers tells us he personally travels to the states to buy fresh organic groceries every week from stores like Whole Foods, Peoples Co-Op, Sprouts Market and others.  To get the best for his patients he did the shopping himself until a staff member was properly trained.  The cleanliness of his clinic is perfection.  The staff intelligent, kind and very highly paid is warm and professional.  Every comfort is provided to patients and every need is immediately attended to.  This clinic is only eight months old but Vickers has successfully raised the standard of practice of the Gerson Therapy to a higher level.

Vickers, a dyed in the wool Midwestern American has taken it upon himself to renew the public confidence in his Advanced Gerson Therapy in a way that will guarantee the future of the therapy as the number one most trusted answer to cancer and degenerative diseases in the world today.

By blazing the trail of Max Gerson without the constraints of approval or useless "licensing" Dr. Vickers is free to explore as the new keeper of the promise, the guardian of the future state of Max Gerson's brilliant therapy.  The quality speaks for itself.  He is practicing state of the art medicine not selling information and extracting licensing fees.  He tells the truth about why he needed to break away from the stale ideology of the therapy.  It is because he knows what Dr. Gerson would be doing if he were alive today.  This is exactly what they are doing at Northern Baja Gerson Center.  It appears that the Gerson Institute refuses to address significant changes to the environment and in the human body since the late nineteen fifties.  But Vickers has his eyes on these changes and is willing to turn the world upside down to get back to the business of curing people of cancer in the form it presents itself today.

The luxury of the clinic is only surpassed by the sunny and cheerful character of the Northern Baja Gerson Center’s staff.  They surprised us with their polished professionalism wrapped in the warmth of classical Mexican hospitality.  We met the physicians, and staffs that were clearly in touch with the serious nature of their work.  We sat with the patients listened to their stories and learned how well Vickers state of the art Advanced Gerson clinic is run.  Nobody is as free and qualified to explore the reach of Gerson Advanced therapies.  Dr. Vickers makes clear that cancer has become more difficult to cure in recent years and that stronger measures are necessary to help the body heal itself from the grip of more virulent cancers.  Vickers humbly offers the world the single greatest advancement in natural cancer curing we have ever seen.  And indeed, one needs to see this clinic to believe how quickly science can advance when unrestricted and unrestrained free to advance with the times and with available technologies.


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