Friday, December 13, 2013

Breaking Bad. A Commentary

I was curious about the television show Breaking Bad.  Friends seem to like it so I watched the first four episodes tonight on Netflix.  

The show Breaking Bad may be great story telling, even classical but I have to say here that it is a direct reflection of a culture that is so sick that I find it hard to believe people actually enjoy this kind of masochistic sadistic horror.  Cancer is a time for forgiveness a time to let the body heal itself.  It is a time of self reflection and it is a warning to evaluate the way you think feel and heal.  The insanity of this might find its way into the life of a few people on the planet but it is not classical theater in my humble opinion and it is not something I would allow my children to watch let along my dog if I had them.

I watched the first four episodes.  I stopped immediately.  I wanted to take a shower, wash out my soul with detergent.  The death wish of this character and the relentless focus on chemotherapy radiation and surgery is disgusting and don't get me started on the death culture doctors in this flick.  Yes the show is about a man who wants things to turn out well especially for his family but the self destructive plot subplot theme are so saturated with negativity that Aristotle would spin in hs grave.  It is ridiculous and laughable to me.  I would not waste a second of my time putting my beautiful human spirit though watching this insane garbage.  Even though it is a good shock to the bored and lazy psyche, anyone who watches such garbage needs to lay under the stars and contemplate their life.  Even If you are into such drama on a wider scale it is psychologically damaging for our beleaguered culture and contains few if any redeeming qualities found in progressive societies or in good theater.  It is so base and so fictitious and so not like reality that I have to say that people who watch this stuff already have bought into a culture that is so very much not their friend.  They are so bored and lost that they let it surrounded them as they capitulate to it allowing it to dine upon a good chunk of their soul.  They can not fight their way out of it so they support it.  And this makes me sad for my friends and fellow Americans.  They are so lost so separated and have sunk so low they I can hardly believe it.

Go do something for somebody who would never have thought you could be so kind.  Don't waste your time on television.  It is not your friend.  And as for my friends who watch this.  I know your are good people but this show is beneath your dignity.  And that is, as they say, all I have to say about that.

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Mary said...

Amen,Bill Zimmerman! I'm ashamed to say I watched farther than four episodes. I didn't stop until the main character in this series committed murder. THEN I woke up and stopped watching. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.