Monday, December 1, 2014

Mike Adams - The Health Ranger ...SO BUSTED

If you are as half as sick and tired of men like Alex Jones as you are of Fox News you can now add former good guy (ever a good guy?) Mike Adams to your "ignore list" of greedy motherfuckers that do not deserve even a moment of your time or my time to write this.  Add to that Dr. Mercola who has run completely off the "more money for me!" rail.  We see in these men how money corrupts and the more temptation the more it corrupts them.  Human beings can not resist temptation.  They jump ship always.  ALWAYS.  The only reason I am writing this article is to ask "What if this happens to me?"  I am soon to announce a commercial website.  Once the business machine kicks in and I begin to see opportunities to profit (an ostensibly profit greatly) will I be tempted by products and services that are less that 100% high quality?  Well readers, if you know me at all you can rest assured the answer is a resounding NO.  I don't care if the damn thing goes bust.  I won't compromise the rock of integrity.  Not today, not ever.

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As reported by a genuinely credible source in natural health news. Note that this is a multi-page article that goes extensively into the businesses and pursuits of Mike Adams. We are sad to report that we no longer support The Natural News or any entity owned or operated by Mike Adams as we believe his work to be biased and disingenuous at best. stated "When we decided to publish this article, we braced ourselves for what we thought would be the inevitable flood of hate mail and comments from fans of Mike Adams. We were shocked to find that just the opposite happened. We are actually getting lots of messages praising our courage and integrity, which by the way, we really enjoy. We can never get enough of those. I write this posting, because other people may have had the same expectation. Due to that expectation, some people may assume that we have been censuring these comments. There has been no need to do that, at least not yet. The only negative correspondence was the first comment posted, which actually supported the points we wanted to make, because the individual essentially admitted that he had no ethics himself, nor did he care about journalistic ethics. So, perhaps that is the best endorsement that we could hope for.

The number of fans that Mike has is obviously much lower than we anticipated, so the problems that we cataloged in the report may not be as severe as we thought. In any case, it makes some very important points that our community needs to consider, so we have no regrets. Again, we would like to say that we love all of the love that we have been getting."

Click this link (also below) to read the entire report on Mike Adams.

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