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Update on Northern Baja Gerson Center (Advanced Gerson Therapy)

It has come to my attention that Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito Beach Mexico is getting some bad press from patients who have been there.  I have had long conversations with patients who lost family members to cancer while doing the Advanced Gerson Therapy offered there.  It is never easy, especially when it is us who has the cancer, to maintain a clear and objective view of the world when under the physical psychological and spiritual pressure dictated by this ruthless imbalance called cancer.  It goes without saying that cancer was never an easy fix.  A lot of people have dedicated their lives to healing it, but cancer marches on.  It is a formidable foe and we must remember that while it is true that we all must die one day that regardless of why we are sick it is how we deal with it that matters.  It is indeed the quality of life, and our dignity as Human Beings that matters most.

When we are ill we must be prepare to help what ever therapy we choose.  We must be prepared to assist the Gerson Therapy to help the body to heal.  We do so with unrelenting all important emotional and spiritual rigor.  Cancer is a game not for the faint of heart.  It is a as much a game of the mind as it is of the body.  From the personal log of Bill Zimmermann 2009.  "I must concede...

  • "...the holistic route is not for everyone.  It demands a personal transformative act of will, real courage and a commitment to personal change.  In what appears to be our darkest moments cancer redoubles and then triples its demand upon us.  It commands us to manifest undreamed of courage empathy and tenderness all at the same time.  It is a deeply personal and satisfying challenge, with love itself at the core of the engine of healing"  Bill Zimmermann 2009.

Recently I received an anonymous comment on this site that stated:
"I was a patient at Dr. Vickers clinic (Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito Mexico). After paying $10,000, the treatments didn't work and almost killed me. My cancer grew at an alarming rate while on Dr. Vickers protocol and Gerson therapy. I started chemo to get the cancer under control and am alive because I abandoned the Gerson/Vickers protocol. I kept in touch with another patient and he had the same experience. Dr. Vickers talks like he is curing all his patients but be warned from a former patient--it's a deadly gamble to go to his clinic."

To which I respond...

"It is unfortunate you had a negative experience with the Advanced Gerson Therapy, but you're not dead yet. Every patient does not always respond to it, or for that matter, to chemo, radiation or surgery. The objective of Dr. Vickers and the other excellent Gerson hospitals is to deliver a holistic synergistic approach that works with the body to help it heal itself - nothing more.  I do not believe the Gerson Therapy and the Advanced Therapies offered at NBGC could "kill you or are a deadly gamble" as you stated.  It is not toxic so it can not kill you.  What it is as you well know, is an alternative way to deal with the imbalance 'cancer.'  It is well documented to be remarkably effective, in fact statistically far more effective than chemo, radiation and surgery combined without the side effects.  Please use what you learned at NBGC.  Add it to your bag of tricks and apply when appropriate to your new choice in therapy to help a successful outcome.

Sometimes in our desperation we blame others when their best work fails us. I know Dr. Vickers well enough to know that he is doing his best to heal his patients, sometimes in a last ditch effort at reversal of cancers that are extremely difficult to manage or to cure.  Ten thousand dollars may seem like a lot of money when we do not have an insurance company to pay it, but we all pay for your chemo through what ever outcome by way of insurance premiums, taxes (Medicare) and so forth. Chemo rarely works and is a multi billion dollar industry.  When it does not work it destroys quality of life from beginning to end and weakens the bodies immune system so that we must come back for more highly profitable therapy when the cancer returns.  It's a rigged game and the oncology game is rigged to profit from your pain as sure as my name is Bill.  Yes, I have known people who have survived chemo.  But the cancer almost always comes back.  A dear friend is on her third round of chemo after two bouts with cancer.  She is in her late sixties and she is a powerhouse of optimism, love and generosity.  I believe it is these qualities that have carried her not the chemotherapy itself.

If you come back and read this reply I want you to know that my heart goes out to you as it is my sincere conviction to assist people here on this blog with life saving information.  I have seen what conventional medicine has to offer and like your experience with Dr. Vickers chemo does not work to my satisfaction. 

The truth is cancer is a cunning and baffling ...sinister and tricky disease. What works for one person may not work for another.  But one thing is for certain.  Half the healing is in our attitude and in our heart.  Charlotte Gerson once said to me "Bill we can only cure half of any cancer, the other half is in the mind and in the heart of the patient" (read up on epigenetics). With this in mind perhaps you will combine the therapies to what ever degree is appropriate and advisable and forgive the failure of the Advanced Gerson approach.  I think it was a wise decision to start with the Gerson Therapy and hope you take with you what was useful about it.

Please know that sometimes cancer just marches into our lives and kills unmercifully no matter what we do.  That is the truth.  And it is also true and well documented that oft times our thoughts and emotional states create our condition and ultimately the can be disciplined and controlled to guide us back to healing.

Don't be angry with Dr. Vickers.  Fear anger and resentment are the most deadly part of cancer.  A lot of people who practice the Gerson therapy do get well and of course some do not.  But the truth is the therapy is only half the battle and I hope you know that this is also true for your chemo and for radiation and surgery too.  Your mind and heart hold half the cards and in most cases contribute heavily to the desired outcome. Forgiveness, fair mindedness and a sweetness of character is a most powerful therapy.  In fact it is as important if not more important than any medical procedure however counter it is to the fear anger and panic that sets in.  Cancer is a game of the heart, mind and body.  It takes great finesse skill and cunning to heal.  One also needs support of family friends and ones enlightened physician.  It is a challenge and you can win!  But it is up to you to play your internal game well.  It is your internal super-hero that will transcend the disease and put cancer cells back into balance.  But don't smear Dr. Vickers.  He, like Dr. Burzynski in Houston is a trailblazer in a modality of healing that works for some but not for others.  In the end the Gerson Therapy is incredibly HUMANE and combined with proper care maintains a high quality of life especially in the end when we want to be close to our loved ones with dignity and in as good health as possible.

Personally  I never dismiss any kind of therapy that works.  I know someone who got Proton Therapy for prostate cancer and to date he is fine!  So I hope chemo works for you.  I guarantee you there are aspects to the Gerson Therapy that will help you stay well should you heal.  Detoxification after chemo is done will be important making the Gerson Therapy useful when it comes time for you to clean up the mess left by chemo - so the cancer does not come back.  To release anger and resentment and the kind of judgment that you have levied against Dr. Vickers and his therapies might be the key to healing.  Not to do so is the deadliest thing you could do.

Again my heart and deepest faith goes out to you for a quick and effective healing right now. Bill Zimmermann"

I hope this person reads this post.   I emailed it to Dr. Vickers and while he is challenged by this slam he is not deterred from his post as a physician who practices most credible forms of holistic cancer treatment.  And while we wait for the statistics to reveal his success we mark time knowing he is doing right by his patients by combining highly successful and effective therapies.  We continue to support Dr. Vickers in his pursuit to improve the Gerson Therapy.

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