Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fwd: I get this question a lot. "What does Charlotte Gerson think of Dr. Patrick Vickers?"

What does Charlotte think of Dr. Patrick Vickers?

To which I answer…

"I never asked Charlotte what she thought of Dr. Vickers. What I do know is that she trained Patrick in the mid-1990s at her home in San Diego. After that I really don't know what happened except that she believes the Gerson therapy should not be modified. Her reasoning escapes me as it does Dr. Vickers. I remember asking the doctor at the Gerson Institute if the therapy could be advanced? And she said not that she was aware of. Now, Dr. Gerson himself in the development of the therapy tried many new things including Coleys therapy that he was in the process of possibly approving as an adjunct to the Gerson therapy.  Now from what I can ascertain logically in a sociopolitical business sense is the Gerson Institute needs to protect all of their existing documentation which is pure Dr. Gerson technology as it existed in 1959 when he died.  Very little or nothing has changed. It does not allow for anything new or advanced to be added to the therapy. It has become institutionalized and they don't modify it if they do not have too. However there are advanced therapies that complement the therapy but since it is not part of the doctrine and existing trainings offered by the Gerson Institute it becomes a problem for them when science reveals excellent technologies that add to the therapy much-needed power to tackle stronger and stronger cancers that become more virulent
with every passing year.

While I am certain the Gerson Institute is not happy about the fact that Dr. Vickers is using the Gerson name you cannot stop progress and you should not stop progress when lives are at stake. If you do it is a suppressive action much like that which the FDA took against the Gerson Institute itself over the years. It's all about money territoriality, ownership, license contracts and a entitlement issues, a definite outgrowth of opinion. That's really all I know about the situation.  I just look for the very best therapies that will heal people the most effectively on this channel. I don't get involved with politics between other entities. ZIMMERMANIA is neutral like Switzerland.  I do remember Charlotte Gerson telling me in 2009 that she was not terribly concerned about copyright. The new administration of the Gerson Institute might think quite differently as the Institute grows larger and more complex.

I can safely say that Dr. Vickers is practicing the Gerson therapy with a precision that impresses me. I have been invited to his clinic and have spoken with patients and even friends of mine are actually at his clinic right now. They are delighted with his therapy and his professionalism as well as the comfort his amazing staff delivers every single day. I have never been invited to institute licensed Gerson hospitals in Tijuana or in Eastern Europe, Why? I do not know. The Gerson Institute just simply seems to be too busy or too indifferent to my work regarding the dissemination of information about this amazing therapy.  I kind of feel sorry for them because they are stuck in a paradigm where change and moving forward is difficult for them. They would have to rewrite all the books. So I believe work from people like Patrick Vickers is important, so important that I supported wholeheartedly. The Institute can do as they please and I support them 100% despite the drawbacks they apparently are saddled with as their organization ages.  Thank you for  your interest. This is a great question."

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