Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Aging and energy, by Bill Zimmermann

As we age we should all be able to maintain excellent powers of concentration endurance and focus. Every time we begin to think that these will diminish we set ourselves up for them but it is absolutely not necessary. Prevention as an all degenerative diseases applies also to the mind. When we focus our attention on maintenance in terms of maintaining our sharp edge we can do so we can even recover a sharp edge lost. Certainly diet and exercise are important but we also need to understand the role of work problem-solving and responsibility to others in the act of maintaining and preventing psychological mental and spiritual decline.

Every year new drugs are developed to help humanity. Sometimes they're good sometimes they're not so good but occasionally a drug comes to the surface that helps us exponentially. Stimulants that do not damage the nervous system are at the vanguard of this new technology of alertness. Stimulants like modafinil and Provigil hold great promise for seniors but they are not widely known or promoted for senior health. It is suspected that many Silicon Valley executives take modafinil every day. While we cannot prove this to be true it is also likely to be true as the grapevine appears to repeat this aleged fact over and over again.

Quite often therapies that work well or never never make it to your doctors office. Why this is nobody knows. Exotic therapies like Jim Humble's MMS CDS hallucinogens and others never make it to your doctors office yet they have efficacy as elegant as their capacity to cure malaria and other astoundingly difficult diseases for pennies. These products don't make it to market and they remain illegal in many countries because they compete with expensive pharmaceuticals that do not want their pockets picked. These companies influence Congress and law. The people are denied many therapies that can help them. One of the most significant therapies that has been ignored for over 30 years is hallucinogen therapy for psychological illnesses and dependencies on drugs. Certainly that is the only the beginning of the potential therapies for hallucinogens. Today is teams are being put together that are testing once again hallucinogens for their potential to QR psychological disorders addictions and other difficult diseases of the mind and the heart and the soul. We look forward to the results from these in the lifting of laws preventing the use of them by responsible citizens.

Drugs like modafinil and Provigil also hold great promise but when they were advertised as stimulants for executives the law came down on them and actually find the companies and force them to keep those drugs relegated to use for narcolepsy. While this genie got out of the bottle and the toothpaste is well out of the tube we cannot go back. We know that these drugs help humanity and that there are more drugs and natural compounds to come, nature at its best helping man like ayahuasca. Auahuasca therapy could be a boon to mental health in our country and all over the world. But the powers that be see it as a threat. How could something that has been used to expand consciousness for thousands of years picking set her to threat? Well, I will leave it to Graham Hancock and Terence Mckenna to fill in those blanks for you.

This article is about waking up to the fact that our physicians do not have our best interest at heart and quite often their hands are tied by laws that prevent them from growing as well. Well meaning physicians hands are tied. It's not always that they are under educated but also they are censored and affected by laws which make it impossible for them to treat people effectively went perfectly wonderful science is bringing to us drugs that really work.

For mental health to prosper in this country and around the world we are going to need another paradigm. We need to trash the entire mental health structure dismantle it and rebuild it. This old dynasty must go. For nothing I have seen in my lifetime that psychology or psychiatry has offered to me personally and others I know-have all been let down by toxicity poor efficacy and downright poisoning. Prozac is 70% plus fluoride. What on earth is that about?

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