Tuesday, July 15, 2014

About Saying NO

Permission to say no to anything that’s not serving YOUR core values.
You Have the Right to Defend Your Life
You are entitled to say NO to the things that will directly hurt you: fire, jumping off a building, drinking poison, overdosing. People readily say no to something as extreme and dramatic as fire. But other No’s are more subtle. It might be harder to say no to cigarettes, alcohol, or toxic relationships. You decide what you say no to. Nobody else does.You Have the Right to Healthy Relationships and Real Love

You decide whom you say NO to. You decide who in your life drains you of energy, and then purge them so you can soar. This does not mean you become a hermit; it means you choose your family, your friends, your colleagues, your tribe, your life.You Have the Right to Use Your Talents and Allow Abundance into Your Life
You are entitled to say NO to whatever gets in the way of your creative force and keeps it from bringing you a life of abundance. You are uniquely needed in this world, but only if you say no to the barricades. You have a mission. Only you can give the gift you have. You deserve abundance, wealth, and appreciation for your work.You Have the Right to Assert What You Want
You are entitled to have your best interests at heart. You don’t have to do what everyone else in society is doing. You are a unique combination of DNA, environment, culture, and personal experiences. For you to say yes to something, it has to be special to you. Everything else, no matter what the consequences, you are entitled to say NO to.You Have the Right to Choose What Stories You Believe In
Humans are great storytellers. That’s what separates us from every other species. There are thousands of common stories that are baked into our societal mythology and that we believe are real. Some of them are: College. Owning a home. Marriage. Children. Having a cushy job. Postponing our dreams for when there will be money. “Work hard and succeed!” Ten thousand hours to mastery. And so on.
You are entitled to say NO to the stories that do not serve your own evolution, and yes only to the ones that align with your spiritual work, your bliss, and your ability to manifest a fulfilling life.You Have the Right to Take Your Time
We spend most of each day in small or large negotiations with the people and environments around us. Often the best way to negotiate is to take the time and space to determine what is best for you. You succeed by saying yes only when you are ready and the conditions are right.
It is about allowing the necessary pause to notice what is actually happening and make decisions that come from a place of power in you, rather than rushing your decisions and making choices based on your preconditioning.You Have the Right to Be Honest, Above All, with Yourself
You are entitled to say NO to wearing a mask in order to get people to like you. You can trust that the way you are is fine, that your honesty is what attracts others to you, and that your truth is what lights your internal fire. It’s what will bring health, love, and money to you.You Have the Right to an Abundant and Fulfilled Life
You are entitled to say NO to the scarcity complex, and any other complex, for that matter. You have the right to notice the fearful thoughts that do not belong to you, but rather simply pass through you—the ones that intend to scare you, cajole you, and keep you small—and to let them go, one at a time.You Have the Right to Be Here Now
You are entitled to say NO to time traveling. Angers and regrets are in the past. Anxieties and worries are in the future. Traveling to the past or the future will not help you now. You have the right to say no to what is not happening right now. It will never solve your future problems but will always sap your present strengths.You Have the Right to Silence
You are entitled to say NO to all the noise around you, to the news, to the responsibilities, to the pressures. You can sit alone in silence for a while, every day, to connect with the higher part of you, the part that wants to help you, and let it help you. You can be still for a moment, each day, and know that you are enough. Out of stillness flows infinity.You Have the Right to Surrender
You are entitled to surrender even the ideas you have formed about yourself. This is the ultimate No: saying NO to what you think you are. It means that you surrender to the road. You reach out and trust that a loving hand will grab hold of you and guide you to take that first step.There is nobody you need to impress. There is nobody who is judging you. And there will be nobody who can stop you. One step at a time, the journey will take you where you need to go.

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