Monday, March 18, 2013

The Core Concepts For The Latent Vegan In You

I have nothing against being healthy, and God knows being wealthy either. But we are taught from birth in our culture to get what we want at the expense of others, and as a culture, this practice pervades our lives. We use animals, ecosystems, and other people as mere means to our ends, and chief among these ends are health and wealth. A steady supply of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, meat, cheese, eggs wool, leather, and other consumer goods all require inflicting suffering and death on countless animals and often other people as well. We are injected with a cultural program that instills in us the certainty that we are entitled to all this, and that the suffering we cause others is trivial.

We have created vast industrialized systems that vainly attempt to assure our health, wealth, and comfort at all costs as they devastate our planet and our fellow passengers. The irony of course is that there is less genuine wellness and abundance than ever because we fail to realize that we reap what we sow. To the degree we question the cultural programming of exclusivity and privilege instilled in us through our meals, we’ll see that the bricks in the road to health and wealth for all of us are made of loving-kindness and inclusiveness. We are all interconnected.

To face this fact and to look inside ourselves is the hard part and it never (NEVER) happens over night.  The key is to declare amnesty for yourself and move forward with only what you can manage in a day.  Enjoy that burger until you find a replacement you can live with.   Yes, I said enjoy that burger!  The point is to migrate to a more sustainable lifestyle on many levels.  For what programming we have received no amnesty is too kind and no guilt more inappropriate.  You do not have to turn into a sociopath but rather simply recognize the difference between the unnatural guilt involved with eating meat in 2013 and the mutual dependency of carnivore animals in the food chain where natural guilt is sanctioned murder.  Humans on the other hand have progressed.  And now our numbers threaten the livability of the planet.

So while the evil "Illuminati" and their managers plan their genocides we can simply say no and walk away from them and their facacta machinations.  Start slowly, think and act accordingly to what you want your world to be.  Be the change.

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