Friday, March 1, 2013

Get to know me here.

For those who want to know I list my interests below.  Always looking for ways to share these aspects...

Water quality research and education
Infant / child health, avoiding toxins
Juicing and nutrition
Standard American Diet - to Vegan migration strategies
Household hazardous chemical reduction replacement and elimination processes
Vegetable gardening, the backyard farm, composting, container gardening 
Dietary supplements that really matter.  How genuine nutrition delivers nutrients.
Environmental detoxification, physical detoxification and ethical living
Animal rights, guilt/shock-trauma free efficacy based education 
Gerson Therapy detoxification & diet as serious prevention mechanism for healthy people
Transmuting media  to free lifestyle choices through information and education
Life simplification-enhancement strategies
Workplace psychology 

Using a commercial YouTube channel website and blogging to promote ideas, publish interviews and share these interests. San Diegans For Safe Drinking Water 

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