Sunday, March 31, 2013

INTIMACY! The lost art of perpetrating a Great Big WHAMMY

The exchange of intimacy is endangered!  While our noses are buried in computers cell phones and our time spent behind the wheel of a car in our daily commutes we spend less and less time together.  We are losing touch with each other and we hardly notice as we get used to text messages and emails taking the place of hand holding, quiet times sitting together listening to the fireplace crackle and the night time crickets chirp the night away.  This "new intimacy" we are now getting used to is a fraud.  It steals the soul as we make every excuse for it but it is sill a big fat lie.

While romantic love is limited to one person or perhaps two or more if you're French love itself is far more dynamic than that. There is passive love prayer. Thats easy and far over rated. Ah, but to give in practical terms, now that is not so easy!  An no text message will ever have its power.  To give love away costs in time and energy and it takes a lot of imagination and inventiveness to perpetrate the "great big whammy" on an unsuspecting target.  While some friends care a lot and others not so much everyone shares the deep and abiding need for surprise, or what we refer to as "the whammy." This artfully planned scam can backfire wonderfully.  It can lift the spirits quell the toughest depression, restore faith of both the perp and the victim. The act of planning an anonymous coup d'etat of this sort can soften the toughest boss angriest bird or most stubborn pigheaded idiot back into the loving human they always were and at the same time cures your frustration boredom, depression, and the doldrums faster than any known pharmaceutical drug or self indulgence could ever begin to. Historically known as the Random Act Of Kindness a Whammy is far more focused targeted and specific. It is the design of an active and brilliant mind of a truly loving human being.  In action it is not limited by anything but the anonymous perpetrators creativity. The return on investment can be nothing short of astonishing.

Try sending a post card to someone from fabricated imaginary person that you create... An out of the blue card that says some silly and delightful thing that cheers up that broken heart or wounded soul. The anonymity is the best part. When your mark calls you to ask you who might have sent such a thing and then also shares with you his or her delight, it warms your heart in a way that even Jesus would envy.  Email does not work... You'll get busted. You've go out on a limb, get creative put it down on paper and stick it in the mail. Hand made cards are best! And this is only one idea among hundreds of ways to essentially bring romance and mystery and delight back into your life while exercising compassion on a extremely high and creative level.  Your attack is always most effective when you are you are the last one suspect of such foolishness.

You can heal others spontaneously with the unexpected joy that comes from the slightly perverted mind of a ninja crack attack of this sort.  Laughter through tears will become your favorite feeling as your victim talks of his or her confusion over who it might be who did this weird and wonderful thing. 

The classic surprise party is an example of a traditionally inspired scam to make somebody's day. But for that new boyfriend or buddy who is down on his luck or that mom who just cant shake that forty year old kid or cousin who is lost in a bad marriage can wickedly inspire, inflate and send them reeling with delight with the right plan. The crazier the better. And the better it is the more they will never figure out it was you who conjured it all up!

Perpetrating the Whammy is not just a random act of kindness but more of a stunt where you catch your mark off guard. Give it a try and think hard about timing, presentation and effect. It could be simple inexpensive or involve simply showing up unexpectedly to their delight. To hold someone hand instead of pursuing sex can bring you to the level of saints and honor your highest good as well as that of your mate. This low tech Whammy business is serious tonic for what ails us.  And while to some it is the height of uncool in a would of "me" it stands alone as a sure fire, no fooling, serious healing art.  Sadly for many it is a lost art, or one never attained or pursued. For them the pain of life is quelled by any number of mediocre remedies that only the truly selfish do enjoy.

Certainly we all want to be the one who gets that Whammy from concerned loving friends but giving it is just as satisfying if not more so. Perhaps there is some truth to the axiom that "giving is receiving"?

So what are you waiting for? Who will be your first mark and what will you do?  Please comment below to start the conversation.


Note:  I wrote this article for a reason.  A person once sent me such a post card.  It was a time in my life when I was a little down and a little lost.  The cards kept coming every three or four days for six or eight weeks.  I anticipated the next one instead of focusing on my problems.  This simple distraction healed my heart because I knew one of my friends was devious enough and loving enough to take time to successfully distract me from my pain.  It worked brilliantly and I found the strength to move on.  Until recently I forgot all about this brilliant act of kindness, but now I am sharing it with you.  Now go out there and pay if it forward.  It really is part of the new age philosophy, the Secret and the law of Attraction.  It's called kindness.  It is in our best interest to be tender thoughtful and insanely creative as we all plan for better and better lives.  How can the future be damned by such ideas.  It is summarily impossible. 

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