Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It is the truth not PC at all...

I am not really fond of anyone in my world right now.  As I get to know people I am confronted with their demons desires (however perverse) and bad habits.  Essentially when I am confronted with their imperfections and depending on how bad they are I find myself distancing myself from them when I realize they have little or nothing to offer.

Having my own imperfections I make sure they remain modest and I am terribly proud to say I have slayed the worst of my bad habits but cognitive distortions plague me as I walk through reality observing it through mental filters like "black and white thinking" or "emotional reasoning."

I tire easily of people, even friends old and new who mess with my head money or do not encourage my potential success.  I might not dismiss any acquaintance completely or I would have no friends at all.  But focusing on friends who encourage embolden and inspire me to reach into the world and take risks are the kind of people I want to know.  Wasting my time with the rest is just that - a waste of time.

That's all.

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