Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There are too few moments in life when we reflect on what matters most. Here is a beautiful excerpt from The Beautiful Truth movie that really makes you think about what really matters.

It would not be so bad if we all could get along but there are forces in our world that aim to control us, and not to our benefit. The food, chemical, drug, health industries and wall street elite are immortal cartels, corporations that grow like a deadly virus eating away at the life force in you and your family. Integrity, morality and the treasure of the human mind and spirit are cast down by these organizations and labeled "consumer."

We are not consumers we are citizens and we are the highest form of life in the known universe. Just because there are 9 billion of us on the planet is no reason to exploit and control poison and pillage entire populations of people while greed reigns supreme. We are truly still in the dark ages where mankind plunders and steals and hoards for vanity, security and from abject insecurity has arisen demons who offer human sacrifices en mass but they do it legally and with YOUR CONSENT. It is time to wake up people.

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