Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Anyone? What to buy?

I need to get a beach chair and umbrella. I wonder which kind is the best or if Costco still has those cool combo backpack ones in stock? And I absolutely have to get to whole foods for decent sunscreen. Whole foods UGG so spensive!

It's 1:33pm now and I am contemplating the beach. Coronado, PB, even OB or should I go to Tourmaline or perhaps up to Windansea? Just south of La Jolla cove are some nice beaches down below the cliffs. Blacks is nice but too inconvenient - and too many naked people pervin'. So many beautiful beaches, so little sunscreen.

I love the fact that I now know that the sun is our friend. 20 minutes in the sun does a wonder of good for the body. I have also learned that 50mg of Niacin 3 - 6 times a day is remarkably good for you in so many ways it is amazing. Like juice it can not be patented so the doctors do not "sell" it. The "cancer cures" in western medicine are mostly scams for your and your insurance companies buck. Well meaning or not this industry of death must be enlightened by the truths of life. Nutrition based healing is the way to more health than a body can stand. My rant for today.

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