Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reaching potential

I think the most important thing friends can do is encourage one another to do things they might not otherwise do. To be encouraged to push yourself in ways only friends can perceive and who have the bravery to propose for consideration ideas that can help us move past our self-imposed limitations. I think this is the mark of true friendship. I do not have any friends like this. In fact rarely does anyone take enough interest in me to see that I have dreams. This is not self indulgent pity-pot thinking. It is a sad fact. Of course I do not make my self available and quite often I repel people with forbidding flashes of intimidation - I'm sure that does not help much. Fear and abuse mixed with wisdom and experience make for very strange bed fellows. I suppose issues do not always evaporate with therapy meditation or Life Spring retreats. But we still need the input of each other. Especially friends who ponder our perplexing lives, friends who take the time to think through our illusions delusions and denial. Going it alone is hard enough when few if any other person finds you important enough to intently listen to the beat of your drum. I miss having people like this in my life, but I do not know people who are capable of such trust. I have many good friends that I love dearly but they all appear to be selfish with not enough to occupy them or they are overwhelmed by life having few moments to think about anything more than solving daily problems of their own.

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