Thursday, July 9, 2009

Open letter to Barbara Boxer conderning the environment

Hi Barbara,

Great to hear from you about the clean energy economy. I think it is wonderful you are pointed in that direction. I am concerned however. Some of the very best technologies that are here now are being suppressed. Corporate domination of energy and the changes that threaten them make it very difficult for revolutionary answers to energy when they threaten change that either is too fast for the corporations or loss of business and/or control of business turns these giants into pretty nasty political and sometimes dangerous adversaries for the little guys with the best ideas. I won't go into too much detail but I think you know what I mean. It is not entirely the fault of the energy companies but rapid change and free energy ideas are very threatening in many ways not only to the status quo organizations but to society in general.

In a time when we need rapid change the most creative people are silenced by government and by industry in power while they scramble to figure out how to keep control of the revenue and power over the consumer/citizens while cleaning up the environment. It is almost an oxymoron. A lot of evil confronts some of the best solutions. Free energy while fighting for funding, support will never be met with open arms by the political and corporate figures who would stand to lose revenue (and taxes) from its appearance on the world stage. I worry that much of what "clean" solutions we push forward that we will always be silencing the voices of those with the most brilliant answers while remaining in the dark ages of very mediocre answers to the most important questions of out time.

There needs to be much more funding for product development and deployment of the most exotic technologies where creativity and the best of human consciousness and science are encouraged when we hear time after time of people being killed silenced or bought off by the very companies that need to clean up environmentally.

Greed and the fear that accompanies potential loss of power and control of economic strangle hold is too great a threat for real progress to be made on the scale that is required to meet the needs required by our dying planet.

This is your dilemma, and I do not envy your position. It is hard to believe that our kids will all be wearing oxygen tanks is a hundred years and to look ahead two, three or four generations is a frightening prospect for our children who we love so much. It is a daunting task. I wonder what goes through your mind particularly when I am rather certain you know the players, the game and the solutions (all of the solutions) as well as anybody. Scientists with answers who have made videos on YouTube say that Al Gore will not even return their letters or calls when they have amazing science to contribute. But their science is SO GOOD that it threatens multinational corporations. Whether this is true, half true or not we know that you can not move an elephant that does not want to walk? We may be dealing with an elephant that does not "have to" walk at a time when we approach a tipping point where our answers will not produce the necessary change and the environment will begin turning on us and Mother Nature will begin her march of revenge on a people who have so very much negleced her.

These new facts presented to us regarding polar ice melt and the fact that global climate change is much more rapid than we knew just a few years ago places before us a mandate for change that is politically and economically impossible without a dictator style rule. These words are very hard for me to write but how on earth can politics and business make changes when casualties with thier ranks will be massive when the going gets tough? Democracy and free enterprise will not fare well under the demands of a rappidly declining environment.

I would be very interested in hearing your candid views regarding these thoughs.

Bill Zimmermann, San Diego

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