Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re: Days of silent wandering and fear.

Xanax calms fears and anxiety when living in a world where one is convinced that either he has lost his mind or every else has lost theirs. When you are relatively convinced that it is they who have lost their minds one relaxes a bit but only to discover that as one gets older one must form bonds with people one can trust absolutely. In this regard I see the need for secret societies, groups of people dedicated to protecting one another.

In fact I would be honored to be a member of such a society such as the Elks, Free Masons, or the like. Often churches play the same role but to a much less secretive degree. Groups are essential to survival and we who have shunned them for reasons only we might know live at risk. That is why I believe I will begin to research the different secret societies. Ferret out what they consist of and try to understand the full embodiment of a choice group tailored to my needs. Everyone needs a family and quite often we Americans find ourselves, as we grow older, alone. We have much to give as older Americans and service becomes more important.

This is why I believe it is time to research which club or organization I will join. Many are by invitation only. And quite often they are completely inaccessible. If anyone is aware of an interesting club or group let me know?

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