Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Desert This

Great friends like great loves are rare. Fortunately great friends are more common and thank goodness for that since great loves are almost mythical. Nothing in this world is more satisfying than being a part of a group of people who protect you. Short of gang activity groups of ethical law abiding friends can move mountains. There are plenty of sappy lyrics in the world but when it comes time to pay the bills you have to bring this awful thing called reality into focus and you must deliver. When people fall through the cracks what money can't buy is useless. They need money. And they need it like a transfusion - we all do. It's the law. Without money we die, period. Our western society is built on this silent but omnipresent law. It is enforced with German precision, for without money we have less than many of the poorest people of India or Africa as there is often no mechanism to save people from the ravages. Especially for sudden falls from grace. Those are the hardest falls... falls that knock you to the ground with crushing force and numbing psychic shock. To get up off the ground disoriented broken and helpless has to be one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable. One stands up broken and confused and aware that today is very different than yesterday. It is at this time they must gather energy that appears to require more than we can give at that moment, but we must find that 110% simply not to fall again. God is summoned and held to account. And friends are tested as much as our faith in ourselves. The silent indifference of the careless ones falls away from us as the true ones come near to hold us as we take our first steps back into productivity. And so we begin again. Our days start with the inspiration from those who had faith and from the faith we rebuild our confidence and deploy love and ambition and express our gifts in useful service... we press on and go on to build a more beautiful stable and secure future. We go on to become protectors and guardians. Ones who possess the knowledge of one of the sweetest secrets of life deeply imbeded in our souls. Without the help of others we can fade into oblivion forever. And with any luck we will remember them 0r others like them if life turns against them. You will take great joy in the process as you tend to their needs. As you help them stand up, shaken and oblivious, you will know exactly what to do.

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