Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ashoka, India and the US.

If you are cruel to animals you will be cruel to humans. Throughout history there have been many empires of the sword but only India created an empire of the Spirit. From the edicts of Ashoka was there a logic of humanity of Dharma, a just law of life. Personal morality and politics, social welfare religious tollerance, the conservation of forests. Moving the sphere of politics away from the sanctions of religion and magic to the rule of reason and morality. The extraordinary work of Ashoka's law. And when Ashoka was old, legend tells, that he was a man stripped of everything. ....we have moved away from this in our country. The more I learn about India and the teachings of the Buddha I can not help but believe the message of the Buddha as being true. The morality of Ashoka feels true as well. The politics in these United States never feel right. The corporate juggernauts caught in poisonous pursuits of money disease vanity and ill=will toward humanity animals and the enviornment. It is a sad and lonely place these United States. I wonder if I could stomach leaving?

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