Friday, May 13, 2016

I wrote this "short comment" below a YouTube video discussing Transcendental Meditation

Yes friends the Zimmermaniac has been meditating the Transcendental Meditation technique for 41 years. It has saved my life and made me whole.  Not just pretty words!  At age sixteen I was a colossal mess. A typical Greenwich Connecticut fuck-faced narcissistic self deceptive jerk.  I was a materialistic, status seeking, money grubbing, republican racist with stress levels reaching that of Mad Men on a deadline.  I was deeply traumatized by familial indifference, and incapacity to love even though they desperately wanted to.  Victorian values slammed our home with propriety, perfectionism and workaholic alcoholism to destructive levels. To any on-looker our family seemed just fine.  But it was not and I was on a fast track to very dark things. This is my T.M. story.


You know kids, knowledge only comes with study, but a technique like T.M. requires no study and sets us up to assimilate what view and learn to see more broadly into the connections between what is leaned and what we already know. T.M. expands the awareness of the entire mind. We literally see, witness and absorb more from our senses. Colors are brighter, patterns are sharper. It's like getting a hi definition TV upgrade. T.M. occasionally has a down-side that is not politically correct to discuss. One, in my educated opinion, must take a break from T.M. after a year or so. It is very powerful and can create depression and anxiety conditions by entering the Absolute too often. Each individual can evolve only as much as his or her mind will allow. If we push the mind/soul too hard with too much T.M. it can create neurosis, depression and anxiety conditions. However it does not mean T.M. becomes useless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Taking a break from T.M. meditation by moving from twice a day to once every other day is what I have done over the years when challenged by this fact. This demonstrates how powerful T.M. is. Yes there is such thing as too much of a good thing. This includes, in my opinion T.M. but not until one reaches the full benefit saturation of T.M. which may or may not be reached by all people who practice it. After about ten years of regular daily T.M. I came to realize that I needed this "break" from meditation. And it worked remarkably well. I continue to meditate regularly to this day. My body tells me when I've reached the saturation point at which time I switch to Mindfulness meditation (the Zinn method). And continue to practice T.M. as my body/mind/soul requires. T.M. is an overall godsend to any individual under any circumstances. It has literally saved my life on three occasions. Nothing external changes, what changes is how well we handle ourselves when we get the deep rest and stress relief / fatigue relief we require. It's a fantastic gift for children. It gives them an insanely powerful tool to use when ever they are scared or without the council they may require. It is comforting and allows a person time to reflect on daily matters. Even a six year old needs this. Conversely older people derive great benefit from T.M. I'm taking a 79 year old friend to the T.M. center this week. She is thrilled and looking forward to the release of decades of stress neurosis and poor perspective. 

What a gift T.M. is. It is a great Christmas or Holiday present.

My experience with T.M. :
Having learned T.M. at seventeen was a true blessing and a wise decision made by my father.  My first meditation felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.  It was my senior year of High School.  Suddenly my days were amazing with so much less anxiety, a condition that T.M. has been helping to ease my entire life.  I graduated happy healthy and ready for college and my life ahead. I was ready to attend MIU (Maharishi International University) at their new campus in Fairfield Iowa the very first year they were open but my Christian grandparent Helen objected so I was blocked from attending MIU. It was a personal tragedy but I'll leave you with saying that simply knowing T.M. and practicing faithfully for most my life has been one of if not the greatest gift I have ever received.

Consistency of practice:
Over time Transcendental Meditation improves the quality of life by giving us the deep rest we need and an essential connection with the Absolute (God?) where by we begin to express positive characteristics like love and compassion, empathy and sharp perspectives on any issue.  Never has the opportunity to use this essential life-tool been so easy.  Without it, it is like being born without one of the five (6) senses or being born with all senses limited to 75% functionality.  What they are speaking of here is all true and more. T.M. goes deep and becomes a fountain of energy clear thought and heightened awareness. It is a magic bullet but it works subtly on many levels and gives anyone smart enough to practice it a fighting chance for a truly happy life and changes ones probable future to something exciting and very promising.

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