Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bergman takes the fear out of cancer (It just does not get better than this)

Dr. John Bergman delivers an epic talk on cancer.  He educates, and gives perspective on this very misunderstood thing called "cancer."  Called the "C-word," Americans have been conditioned to fear cancer as though it were some kind of terminal disease!  Well I'm waiting for that smirk of WTF on  your face.  Ahhh... there it is.  Well cancer isn't some kind of terminal disease.  What's terminal is your immune system ALLOWING cancer cells to go rogue.  We all have cancer in our bodies, and most folks over 50 have tumors somewhere in their body but a healthy immune system keeps it all in check.  So don't think of cancer as the enemy or something that you have to fight, beat or kill.  Cancer cells are part of our internal landscape without which we would be very unnatural biological entities. While they never may become your best friends thinking of cancer cells to be unusual or slightly different neighbors that need to be watched might be a better approach.  Check out John in this excellent video.

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