Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Perspective on The Seth Material

My YouTube channel hosts the Seth Speaks abridged audiobook. One commenter asked "Why can't Seth prove his existence?"

I guess he can't prove his existence. What we do know is that his books were dictated without error. I can't imagine any living person doing that. Also his (Jane's) work is the only channeled material that has been admitted to the archives of Yale University. And they are they most accessed material of all at the archives. None of this proves anything but it all points to credibility. When I get really upset and the world does not make sense I open The Nature of Personal Reality and just start reading at a random place or I look for pages I've highlighted. Within minutes I get something (like people report getting from the Bible) of great value that puts my concerns into perspective. Not always but usually I find what I am looking for. Maybe it's fiction maybe it's the greatest work of authentic channeled material ever written. I don't know. But I can say that my life is an elegant wonder. I have everything I ever wanted tangible and intangible. Life is still hard at times but far less difficult than it might have been if I had not believed I could create my own reality. This made me brave, I took chances and left monstrous "friends" behind when they chose different paths (like drugs and alcohol, Satanism hedonic self absorption or gambling etc.) My work and my world are integrated peacefully and in perfect balance because I learned I could create it. Manifestation didn't work like I hoped. A baby of the early Television era I always hoped I could manifest like Samantha or better yet Endora on the sixties TV show Bewitched. Little did I know that Bewitched was manufactured to seduce Americans into buying more stuff. But it was fun and we all loved it.

No, the Seth Material is not perfect but I believe that my life had been enhanced greatly by it. Earlier in my life the Bible and Eastern philosophy, Buddhism which I barely understand, and T.M. practiced now for 40 years are gifts piled on top of the wisdom of the Seth Material. Seths work brought me closer to the truth of my reality so I could build a life layer upon layer on top of the truth. It is a foundation that does not impede greater truths which was the problem I had with Christianity as taught today. Too many lies and impurities have infected it. Seth straightens all that nonsense out and gives a base for growth. His work is a beginning but it is not an end. It's allows for a process of growth based practical truth. But it's a foundation I know is real. I also know Seth is not perfect. Like any being on any plane of existence no one and nothing is perfect. So take heart and be grateful for this wonderful gift.

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