Sunday, April 26, 2015

Regarding ADD, an exploration into the validity of diagnosis

Regarding ADD, an exploration into the validity of diagnosis.  By Bill Zimmermann

While there is much room for opinion I have this to offer.

The "diagnosis of" A.D.D. otherwise known as Attention Deficit Disorder is to my mind nothing more than a reasonable reply from a normal human nervous system caught at a stage of evolution that can not evolve to the demands of high technology or to the information society that binds it. It is at best habituated to the advancements of population expansion and the technology of an agrarian society after millennia of hunting and gathering.  But now we place this same nervous system on a motorized hamster wheel jet fueled by the demands of a society programmed to mechanize the human, "use him and bend him to our will" while taking comfort in unparalleled historic greed, all at the expense of anything and everything good for the general population of natural human animals.

Attention Deficit is not a Disorder when it is a lack of interest in, for example, doing your taxes or being forced to learn an aspect of knowledge like math when all you want to do is bake bread for a living. Yet we are required to “pay attention” to useless knowledge that is unwelcome in our dreams and to a deeply personal vision of life that influences outside ourselves make every effort to form and manipulate for reasons so venal and obtuse it defies the presence of social conscience and sharply questions the motives of capitalist society itself. The accepted tradition of the Prussian educational system may not be compatible with our personal vision, our natural predilections or our gifts that given the opportunity the homogenizing goals of public school will quash delicate formative visions, diminish them with junk rote learning, boring regimentation beating the light out of a child before he has the ability or opportunity to shine or choose for themselves the direction they want to go.

The deeply personal vision of every individual must focus itself in formative years to pay attention to its own sovereign uniqueness, desires and preferences but rather it is heavily distracted from development of personal vision by a planned schooling based in the alienation of competitiveness, perverse object fetishism and an unnatural desire for power over people – what is this to the ADD diagnosis? ADD is simply the rejection of the irrelevant. It is wisdom seeping through the cracks. It is a message from the unconscious that the conscious mind is imprisoned. It is a cry for release. The apathy found in ADD people is a signal to society that humanity is not ready for the premature arrival of the future nor is it prepared to accept the archaic principles and ill-founded policies that control us. This is why the four million plus American home-schooled kids shine and will one day be the people, it is predicted, that will save humanity, notwithstanding ADD identification. 

 Therefore Attention Deficit may be a gift from the soul. It screams, “I'm not ready for this!” It yells “I don't want that!” and quite simply it states, “This is not for me.” The only judgments in the world that every human being has the right to declare, but sadly are not given the choice to make under the hammer Prussian educational design to foster the needs of a an antiquated competitive surreptitious and manipulative society based in the fears found in current and ancient human physical and biological design.  A design by people in possession and controlling others from an old model of paternal monkey brained ethics that is as old and antiquated as the nervous system it begs to advance.

In conclusion.  It is the demand of consciousness itself that we expand and use the earth and all its resources to grow and prosper.  What we desire is directly tied to the unique design of each human soul expression.  When kids are badly or improperly raised they become confused adults that suffer from gaps in what would otherwise be an education to match the soul. Any and all governmental or policy driven ideologies suppress the natural expression of the soul. Add in the current toxicity of the world, poor nutrition of most Americans and the unnatural programming of the citizenry you get what you see at the mall.  Fat, dumb and sick people that look at you as if to say... "What happened?"  We can do better than this.  In fact we can't do much worse. We have co-opted the future of our children for material gain, ignored the needs of the future with selfish greed and diagnosed human nature as illness only to demand of the body and of each other superhuman qualities that the human organism is simply not yet evolved to.  Then we demand a remedy to the diagnosis, a pill, speed or enhancement to force the mind to focus on what it does not want.  It would appear that we have encroached upon the human machine itself.  We have institutionalized it, homogenized and labeled it to a degree that it has become a not a defect but a social disease.  The disease is called progress.  And the symptom is normal natural human health and the wellbeing.

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