Saturday, April 18, 2015

A vegan's experiences with Modafinil (Provigil) nootropic stimulant

Text is an account of several experiences from several people.

Check out this New Yorker article

I am a 49 year old.  I have had PTSD and clinical depression for 21 years.  A warrior personality I beat the shit out of depression using a five tiered system.  It worked but it took a huge amount of effort every day.  When I would travel MY GOD would jet lag kill me.  That is when I started to use small 50mg doses of prescription Modafinil.  Being a vegan, a healthy person and extremely cautious what I put into my body I still did not have enough energy and blamed it on age, depression PTSD whatever...    NONE of the very few antidepressants I allowed into my body worked.  Actually they sucked out loud.

One day last year I watched David Asprey (check spelling) of Bullet Proof Coffee fame (not a fan) on Joe Rogan and on London Real tout the blessings of Modafinil.  So I starte research.  I read deep into what it is that Modafinil does.  Spoke with a chemist and a neurosurgeon who was nice enough to charge me for a appointment to speak with him.  They all agreed that modafinil worked differently than other stimulants.  But it was unlikely to be healthy for a 59 year old.  Then I asked would three beers a day be more dangerous than 50mg Modafinil and they all laughed.  Yes, they all said.  Three beers would be more dangerous than a 1/4 dose of nootropics.   I use it on days when I really need to focus.  I'm an IT specialist and at my age computers get terribly boring.  Especially difficult registry problems in Windows server or the bane of all IT workers existence Outlook errors and cluster *ucks.  So I began using modafinil.  It did not work as well as adderall or ritalin and I did not get the instant recall I hoped for but I learned some Jedi mind tricks to help me when I am on modafinil.

As close as I am to being a senior citizen.  I thought aging was getting to me.  I would cycle one day on and two days off modafinil 50 - 100mg eat well, small high nutrition raw meals.  I was highly motivated, focused and energetic.  But not so much physically.  However once on my bicycle or jogging the focus kicked in.  And while modafinil makes me want to sit on my computer in my home and just work or write I find that at the gym ONCE I GET MY ASS THERE I do well.  Very well and any social anxiety (shyness / snobbery) I have is all but gone.  It does not make you a better person, more bold or stronger, nor does it slam you into super-human productivity but it does give older people like me an edge against boredom with jobs we've been doing for decades and an edge socially and against depression.  Used wisely I think it will be a very good friend on into the future.  I take it with macca, matcha tea and juiced greens in the a.m.   NO coffee.  The day takes off smoothly and I get lots done.  I even meditate and do yoga while buzzing on modafinil.  It does not seem to block consciousness like speed.  Lastly I do get anxious by the end of the day when I take 100mg or 200mg.  I have an incredibly clean body after two years of serious cleansing.  So I need less drugs than most people.

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420 Kid said...

Yeah you have to be careful with the dosage on. modafinil, it can become quite burdensome especially when you try get some sleep and have anxiety issues