Saturday, January 17, 2015

Provigil / Modafinil - Big Pharma gets it right?

For those of us who need an edge at times when an edge makes the difference between success and failure, there is finally a real answer with very little biological payback.  Do your research but know this, if these videos make it to EcoHealthLab you can be certain we've vetted this drug.  Once in awhile pharmaceutical companies get it right.  According to every CEO in silicone valley this time they did...

David Asprey on London Real.  Here is his testimonial.

Nothing can replace these:

  1. Be a life-long learner. Never stop learning. If you don’t use it [your brain], turns out you WILL lose it.
  2. Strain your brain. Push the limits with your thinking and learning. It’s not enough to passively learn new information; you learn things complex enough you feel mentally challenged.
  3. Get uncomfortable.  Routine is the enemy of your brain. The brain preserves its cognition by continually building and rebuilding connections between its cells. Break out of your routines and try something difficult.  Your brain will be better for it.
  4. Be social.  Isolation is another enemy for your healthy brain. Social activity and interaction keeps your brain healthy, and is something that often falls by the wayside in later life – especially for seniors who tend to live alone or apart from family members. Staying social will keep you mentally (and likely emotionally) better positioned for aging.

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