Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tavis Bradley's Five Tonic Flush


This flush should be carefully monitored by qualified physician. Do not attempt this protocol without proper medical supervision and testing.

  • This Four Tonic Protocol has been developed by Tavis Bradley after 20 years of personal experience on raw foods and holistic healing. The protocol can be used in a majority of treatment conditions with little variance for every individual. The tonics are taken in a specific order.

Conductor: The first tonic of the day hydrates the body with electrically conductivity water. This allows for better communication within the cellular network of the body, just like having a well aligned antennae for picking up the signal of a radio network.

Expander: The second tonic generates heat, expanding the cells, to energize the body and kick-out toxins inside the cells.

Contractor: The third tonic is cooling and contracts the cells while the nutrients in the tonic assist in detoxifying the body.

Flush: The fourth tonic flushes the toxins out the blood and provides a rich source of minerals and vitamins replenish and vitalize the blood stream.

*Each tonic should sit for 24 hours (a full phase of day and night) to allow the water to restructure. The structured tonics contain the life force energy that is vital to the bodies ability to heal and restore.

Tonic 1 – Electric Conductor

1 crystal of Himalayan crystal salt

16 oz water


16 oz of celery juice

Tonic 2 – Cell Expander/Heating

6 oz fresh lemon juice

1 tsp ginger powder or small piece of juiced ginger

1 tsp turmeric powder or small piece of juiced turmeric

1/2-1 tsp cayenne powder or one juiced cayenne pepper

10 oz water

Tonic 3 – Alkalizer/Cell Contractor/Cooling

1 tsp chlorella powder

16 oz water

or juice

1 cucumber

1/2 bunch of kale

1/2 bunch cilantro

1/2 head of celery

1/2 bunch of dill

Tonic 4 – Grounder/Flush

1/4 -1/2 tsp shilajit

16 oz water

or juice

1 beet

carrot to 16 oz

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