Monday, November 3, 2014

Magnesium Rich Food Sources (LIST)


The following a list of the magnesium content in common food sources of magnesium is sorted by milligrams magnesium per gram of food content.
Serving Size, Common UnitsServing Size, GramsMilligrams MagnesiumMilligrams Magnesium per Gram% Daily Value (DV)
Cocoa, unsweetened2 tbsp.10525.2414%
Bran Breakfast Cereal, ready to eat1 oz.28782.7819%
Almonds1 oz.28752.6819%
Cashews, dry roasted1 oz.28732.6118%
Pumpkin Seeds, roasted1 oz.28732.6118%
Molasses1 tbsp.20482.4212%
Peanuts, dry roasted1 oz.28491.7512%
Peanut Butter2 tbsp.32491.5312%
Whole Wheat Bread, homemade1 slice28371.329%
Halibut3 oz.85911.0723%
Navy Bean Sprouts, raw1 oz.28281.017%
Mackeral3 oz.85830.9721%
Spinach, boiled1/2 cup90790.8720%
Whole Wheat Bread, store bought1 slice28230.826%
Coffee, espresso2 oz.60480.8012%
Spinach, raw1 cup30240.796%
Quinoa, cooked1/2 cup92.5590.6415%
Milk Chocolate1 oz.28180.634%
Soybeans, boiled1/2 cup90540.6014%
Black-Eyed Peas (Cowpeas), boiled1/2 cup87.5460.5212%
Buckwheat Groats (Kasha), cooked1/2 cup84430.5111%
Parsley, raw1 oz.28140.503%
Lima Beans, boiled1/2 cup94400.4310%
Acorn squash, baked1/2 cup102.5440.4311%
Swiss Chard1/2 cup175750.4319%
Artichokes1 whole medium120500.4213%
Egg, fried1 whole large46180.393%
Tofu1/2 cup126470.3712%
Bacon, pan-fried3 oz.85310.368%
Pork Tenderloin, broiled3 oz.85310.368%
Okra, boiled1 cup160580.3614%
Bulgur Wheat, cooked1/2 cup91290.328%
Salmon3 oz.85260.317%
Whole Wheat Spaghetti1/2 cup70210.306%
Parsnips, boiled1/2 cup78230.296%
Chicken Breast, roasted3 oz.85240.296%
Ground Beef, pan browned3 oz.85240.286%
Oatmeal1/2 cup117320.278%
Broccoli, boiled1/2 cup78160.214%
Pasta Sauce1/2 cup128270.217%
Potatoes, boiled without skin1 cup156310.208%
Lettuce2 leaves3440.121%
Milk, 2%1 cup244270.117%
Apple1 medium18290.053%
Coffee, from grounds6 oz.17850.031%

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